Private Members Area – DWTS Season 28 Week 9 Discussion

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I’ve been blogging about DWTS for a long time. And we’ve always had controversial people on the show, but never someone as controversial as Sean. What’s fascinating about Sean which is different than other controversial people of the past is that Sean is driving anger from both sides.

In most cases when someone is controversial, it’s really just one side that is really angry that the show would permit on the show. They complain about the producers allowing that person to be on a “family” show and then they share how they’re never going to watch the show again. What’s been fascinating with Sean is that I get a lot of the aforementioned people commenting about him still being on the show. However, I’ve also gotten nearly as many people that are fans of Sean commenting on how poorly he’s being treated and how they’re not going to watch the show anymore. I guess that really is the definition of polarizing.

We’ll see how it goes down tonight. Will he last another day? If he does, I’m expecting a whole bunch of messages from angry people. Although, I do have to point out the irony that people sending Pure DWTS these messages can’t read that we’re not the show and have no association with the show or the producers.

Ok. Enough with Sean. What did you think of Boy Band and Girl Group night? How about the guest judge? Looking forward to reading your thoughts.