DWTS Season 28, The Semi-Final: DANCING BY THE NUMBERS

I decided that this week would be a good one for a numbers post, mainly due to all the claims of “James was obviously a fan favorite” and other related, somewhat silly commentary. Well, that and I had just a tiny bit of spare time. 😊

Look, I loved James and not just because he’s hot. Well, largely because he’s hot. He’s really grown into his own face. Dude is hot and is a pretty good dancer. Best dancer ever on DWTS? Of course not. But that’s not a requirement to win the competition, believe it or not. The only requirement to win the show is that you have the highest combined score. Period. Now, of course, for a show that really IS a dance competition, having someone like Bobby Bones win is just ridiculous. But it’s not *unfair*. Just ridiculous. Like Bobby himself. Ridiculous. And very off putting to the general audience. Read more..