Is DWTS Host Tom Bergeron on Season 3 of The Masked Singer???

It looks like the Berge might have an off-season gig – all signs point to him being “the Taco” on this season of The Masked Singer!

The Taco made his debut on last night’s episode, singing a pretty impressive version of “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra:

I hadn’t caught any of the clues and was only half paying attention, but my immediate thought was “Why does this guy sound SO FAMILIAR???” And it hit me like lightening: this was none other than our beloved Berge, who I’ve been listening to for almost 15 years (and blogging about for the last 10) week after week! Then I went back and watched the clues, and was able to reverse-engineer them:

Now let’s unpack some of the clues (which are admittedly pretty corny, but also a bit less obvious than they’ve been in previous seasons):

*says he’s been “a comforting part of your life for decades” (he’s been in the business since 1981)

*pile of VHS tapes (obvious nod to his stint hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos)

*he’s got “plenty of seasoning” (I took this as him referring to the many seasons he’s spent hosting DWTS)

*an anchor (one of his first gigs was as an anchor on a Boston CBS-affiliate station)

*a Rubik’s cube (likely a nod to hosting Hollywood Squares from 1998-2004)

*a trolley (not a nod to San Francisco, as some seemed to think; but a nod to the song he sang on the “Thank You, Mister Rodgers” tribute album)

There were probably some other clues I missed, but it was enough for me to say “Yeah, aside from sounding exactly like my favorite TV host, the clues totally point to Tom Bergeron.” Add to that the fact that both DWTS and TMS share a casting director (Deena Katz), and I think it’s a no-brainer that it’s Berge.

A lot of folks on YouTube & Instagram seem to be claiming it’s Tim Allen, Martin Short, or Bob Saget (who was my second guess, but he sounds totally different singing) – but I think the real OG’s in the DWTS fandom know what’s up 😉 I’m rooting for Tom to win it – I really had no idea that he could actually SING. Check out the aforementioned song he did for the “Thank You, Mister Rodgers” album:

As for the rest of the folks this season – so far, we’ve unmasked two DWTS alums (season 18’s Drew Carey was the Llama, and season 21’s Chaka Khan was Miss Monster) and it’s pretty much a given that the White Tiger is Court’s DWTS Wishlist member Rob Gronkowski. I’m also wondering if the Kitty is season 17 DWTS alum Elizabeth Berkeley, but that remains to be seen…

…so what do you guys think? Are you watching The Masked Singer this season? Do you think the Taco is Bergeron?