“Best of Dancing with the Stars” as Alternative Programming??

Well, I happened on this today and I must say, it sounds like a damn good idea to me!! Especially if they go all the way back to Season 5. 🙂  This article from Hollywood Reporter will make you think, though, about what happens if COVID19 goes on as long as I think it will go on. Sad to say, I don’t think we’re all going to be back at work in June without a resurgence of the virus – so what does that do to TV??  See the title of this article. 🙂  Here’s an excerpt where the idea is floated:

Another option that multiple networks are currently considering is to take a page from late night and repackage repeats with new content that appeals to diehard fans. ABC recently announced a “Flashback Friday” of sorts for long-running soap General Hospital, with new introductions to classic episodes. ABC, sources say, is also considering airing themed repeats — like a “best-of” Dancing With the Stars or some of its other franchises.

I vote DWTS!! Seeing skinny Derek dancing with Jennie or Lil Kim (among others) would certainly brighten up my isolation! Of course, World of Dance season 4 was completed right before the shutdown (sans audience for the finale), so there’s that.