PureDWTS Season 29: Witney Carson Announces She’s Expecting Her First Child!

Well, the pro baby boom continues – Witney just announced she’s expecting a little tyke, too! 🙂

Anyone else find it kind of adorable that Witney & Lindsay, who grew up together, did SYTYCD together, and then were pros on DWTS together, are now also pregnant together? 🙂

Now for possibly the more immediately interesting implication of this: what does this mean for the female pro lineup? With 2 of the usual suspects now out, will we see Daniella promoted to pro? Maybe the campaigning for Britt gains some traction and we see her added to the lineup? Or will Tyra (being Tyra) campaign for some completely new faces? Part of me thinks both Wit and Linds saw the writing on the wall after last season (that the show was circling the drain) and decided now was a good time to start a family. Either way, I wish both of them all the best 🙂