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Yep we’re having trouble with PureDWTS this morning so here we are until it’s back up. Nice opening number!!

Vernon Davis
Monica Aldama (Cheer)
Jeannie Mai (??)
Jesse Metcalf (hot)
Nev Schulman
Kaitlyn Bristow
AJ McLean
Chrishell Stauss
Skai Jackson
Anne Heche
Justina Machado
Johnny Weir (finally!!)
Charles Oakley (basketball)
Carole Baskin

That’s an interesting cast although they give the announcement short shrift these days. We have football, basketball, skaters, actors, singers….the whole nine yards. But not credit to Tyra for this…I credit COVID.

This dude on GMA doesn’t know who anyone on the cast is. Vernon is a pretty handsome man! And Johnny just heaved a big sigh on camera….he wants to TALK. 🙂

And Johnny finally gets to talk…but first a video of him being crazy on the ice. Tries to claim no advantage due to skating. That’s okay, he might get my vote anyway.

Skai Jackson is sooo pretty!! Nev Schulman from Catfish the TV Show…him I’ve heard of. Kind of. Jeannie Mai is already (for fun) trash talking. I didn’t know her name, but I recognize her as well. Geez, Charles is 6’8″?? Wow.

Zone of terror, AJ?? No idea what Cheer is. At all. Someone educate me. I love this dude cheering on Monica, though.

Our ringers are Johnny, Kaitlyn, AJ and possibly this Cheer lady. I’ll have to research them. Not that it matters, now that Derek is no longer on the show to take the heat. Thank god. You CAN tell who needs better internet, though (Jesse).

Annnd they just out Kaitlyn with her dance experience on TV. Doesn’t look that impressive though.