Stating the Obvious: Tyra is a Big Downgrade for DWTS as Host

I didn’t think I’d need to write this article, but given the number of people that keep sending us messages on our contact us page about Tyra Banks as host, I had to write this article.  Here’s stating the obvious:

Tyra Banks is a massive downgrade from Tom Bergeron.

Notice I left off Erin Andrews which quite frankly had mixed reviews, but given the number of messages we’ve gotten from fans saying they liked Erin Andrews better than Tyra Banks, it’s clear that fans liked Erin better than Tyra.  While there’s probably some small handful of people that are out of their minds and like Tyra more than Tom as host of DWTS, they don’t likely read this site.

And just so I’m clear, I’m the nice one here at Pure DWTS.  Most of the other writers here would be much meaner than I about Tyra.  Although, we all agree that Tyra was a bad change for DWTS.

While I should note that every season of DWTS we get people hating on various stars, hosts, judges, etc, there are very few participants where we hear almost no one that likes the change.  Not that DWTS doesn’t need to change.  It does.  If it doesn’t change, it will face cancellation.  However, as I learned in my first job out of college: Change isn’t always better.  That’s exactly what’s happened with getting rid of Tom and replacing him with Tyra.

No, I’m not talking about the results mistake either.  This is something that those of us that watch America’s Got Talent saw coming.  She was terrible on AGT and the same is true on DWTS.  In fact, I’d actually say she’s been better on DWTS than she was on AGT.  Probably because she plays less of a role which is good.  Although, she certainly loves to insert herself in lots of places which most of us don’t really want her to insert herself.  One thing that’s amazing about DWTS is that it’s packed with interesting stars and many of the pros have become stars in their own right.  The host of DWTS doesn’t need to be the star of the show.  They should sit back and make the stars and pros look good.

To be honest, that’s what Tom Bergeron did so well for so many years.  That’s why we’re all still mourning the loss of him on DWTS.  I won’t go into all the reason Tom Bergeron was amazing, but suffice it to say that he was the perfect host for DWTS and the consummate professional.  While I think some of us enjoyed Erin Andrews, I’m pretty sure most of us would have understood if they went down to one host: Tom Bergeron.

What I don’t understand is everyone that messages us saying that they’re not going to watch DWTS because of Tyra Banks.  As we’ve shared, Tom was better and Tyra, but is that really why you watched the show?  Is she really that bothersome that you wouldn’t want to enjoy the backstories, the amazing dances, and other drama that makes DWTS great to watch?  At a minimum, get the DVR ready and fast forward when Trya is talking, but you weren’t much of a fan of the show if Tyra annoys you that much to stop watching.

I guess to each their own and our patience is short amidst everything that’s going on in the world.  Hopefully, next year they correct things and bring back the Berg.  Let’s be honest, I’d be happy to have Samatha Harris back as host or a newer direction with someone like Alfonso Ribeiro.  Although, I wouldn’t count on it since she’s got the Executive Producer title too, so it would be hard for them to tell her that she wasn’t good as host.

If nothing else, hopefully this article is helpful to all of you who agree that Tyra Banks shouldn’t be the host of DWTS.  Here at the Pure DWTS fan site, we all agree.  So, you can stop sending us messages about it.  We know!