Dancing with the Stars Season 29, Week 5 – LIVE BLOG

Oh yes it’s 80’s night and the feelings right, come on!! Name that tune for tonight’s question. 🙂

I’m blocking out Tyrant’s cold open before it even happens. Yes, I am that talented. 😉 Might have to block out Derek’s outfit as well. Here’s a sneak peek.

T-minus 30 minutes…

Okay now I see why they were wearing all the crazy shit during rehearsals. 🙂 This seems like the cold open to me.

And the Tyrant show begins…

Totally unnecessary discussion of what happened last week with the elimination. :::rolls eyes:::

Justina is up first with Maniac. Jazzzzz….

She’s working it as well as she always does, making it fun. There’s not much to this dance, but that’s to be expected, I think. Better lift this week. Little problem with timing there towards the end. And they actually did the water. Lord.

Derek says she’s a maniac in a good way. I hate his hair by the way. 🙂 Bruno says wet, wild and wonderful. Says it was deliciously 80s. CAI says that was her jam. Says she was incredible. Says the were in sync…and she did catch the part where they got out of sync.

Scores: 8, 8, 8 for a total of 24

Jessie is up next with his Tango…and he looks like a different person. Not bad at all.

Ah, the Breakfast Club. Still love that movie. Let’s Tango!

Off to a good start. Although Sharna is doing most of the dancing. And his serious face isn’t really working. Sharna does most of the work because he’s just not a natural mover so she tries to delay it as long as possible.

Bruno doesn’t sound positive. Says he started well but he went wrong quite a few times. He lost the timing. Agreed. CAI says she agrees, but she thinks he’s much more confident this week. They’re slightly disconnected. Derek says we’re rooting for you, wants you to succeed. Have to be honest, the frame was closed. Improving each week, not his best but getting there.

Tyra doesn’t know jack about acting, WTF??

Scores: 7, 6, 6 for a total of 19. That’s fair, CAI was generous.

Chrishell up next and she’s obsessed with NKOTB. Of course. Doing a Cha Cha by the way. I saw where Donnie did tweet her or some such.

Not great hip action, still stiff. She is having fun, though. Oh, going off time and out of sync there. Not seeing a ton of cha cha. Her posture is weird at times too.

CAI says she has all the right stuff for 80s but not for Cha Cha, comments on lack of content. Derek says the best part was the side by side, has to close her feet though, and comments on her throwing her arms away. Gleb is wanting to argue. Bruno says naughty naughty, be careful the way you place your body and your feet. Have to work on that.

And her day is made!

Scores: 6, 6, 7, for a total of 19

Jeannie is up next and she looks great!! Madonna!

Starts off great. She’s not paying enough attention to how she got into that first bit out of the tub. Dang, good lift. She’s doing quite well, IMO. That second lift was a bit clunking getting into it. And getting out for that matter. But I enjoyed that dance and I really like her.

Derek says they look adorable, says she has so much confidence that give ease to watching her. Simple but clean. Bruno says squeaky clean, Madonna has gone PG. CAI says she’s incredible. She’s the most exciting performer, she just lights up. Comments on her excitement making her lose her balance. I’d agree with that.

Scores: 8, 8, 8 for a total of 24.

Little numbers update: Right now there are about 18k votes per million votes cast separating Chrishell and Jesse from Jeannie and Justina.

Monica up next with her Tango. I’ll forgive you Derek. 😉 Her 80s photos look like one of my friends.

Oh dear, this starts of kinda bad. Poor timing. And her butt is out. The bit in the middle isn’t too horrible. Val looks ridiculous. And they’re kinda destroying one of my favorite songs.

Bruno says she was focused like a laser, says she was so on it, her shapes were fantastic (crack is wack). Comments on her hold. CAI says she does not disappoint, she brought out the guns, she’s a very dynamic performer. Derek says she had drive from being in the bottom two, she swam instead of sinking. Derek has been infected with the BS coming from the other judges. They definitely want her to stick around for some reason.

Scores: 9, 9, 8 for a total of 26. What the actual fuck?? Derek, imma need you to stop judging DWTS, it has harmed your brain. Even the 8 is generous. Monica should not be in screaming distance of first place, which is where she is right now.

AJ and Cheryl up next. Slow Waltz.

He looks like a porn star with hair. Starts off pretty well. There ae some weird bits, can’t put my finger on it. But a pretty dance. Seems like Cheryl was doing more work.

CAI says it was elegant, his frame still crumbles a bit. Derek says this style is good on him, mentions the slower dances are harder and he had great control. Bruno says they’re doing all the right things, but you have to be careful with the turns.

Why is AJ getting so much more critique than Monica who is half the dancer???

Scores: 8, 8, 8 for a total of 24. Are you seriously trying to tell me that AJ gets a full two points lower than Monica?? WTF.

Numbers Update: I’m so confused about Monica. Seriously. Anyway, as of right now, she’s about 7,200 votes ahead of Justina/Jeannie/AJ. And Jessie/Chrishell are about 25k votes per million votes cast behind her.

Skai is up next, having been born in 2002. Jeezus.

I hate those stairs!!Skai is still off time, but she seems a lot more comfortable this week. Decent lift in the middle. She’s a bit ahead of the music in parts. Alan put all his effort into the lifts, but not horrible dance.

Derek says that was fun, says she lights up when they are side by side, but when in hold she loses a bit of energy. Bruno says her mom gave her the right advice. Tells her to be careful on the dismount of the lifts (agreed). CAI agrees comments that one might have been messed up (agreed). Also comments that she’s ahead of the music.

This was another dancer that got more critique than a worse dancer – Monica.

Scores: 8, 8, 8 for a total of 24. See, I might give her a 24 but WHY did Monica get 9s?? WTF??

Numbers Update: Still in WTF mode

Jessie/Chrishell vs. Justina/Jeannie/AJ/Skai 1.81% 18,116
Jesse/Chrishell vs. Monica 2.54% 25,362

And then

Justina/Jeannie/AJ/Skai vs. Monica 0.72% 7,246

You would think that would be enough of a cushion, but I’m betting not. We’ll see. Someone else will go to the bottom with her and may not make the cut.

Vernon up with his Tango! My sister was a serious Bon Jovi fangirl.

Love the wig. 🙂 Starts off pretty well. He’s missing quite a few steps once they come off the stairs though. Hitting it too soft. He does a bit better in hold – Peta should have put more of that in there.

Bruno says a bunch of stuff I don’t get, then says he went wrong in front and his foot work got flat. Have to sustain the stalking motion. CAI still likes the quality of movement. More tender in hold, go bigger not in hold. Derek shouts out to hair and make up, says he thrives in the softer dances, needs more attack. But well done.

Scores: 7, 7, 7 for 21. Possibly the first score of the night I might agree with.

Kaitlyn up next with her Tango…and that costuming. I don’t remember it from the 80s. 🙂

Doesn’t seem tango yet. Picks up after the stairs. She’s doing quite well. Something a bit off on it thought not sure what. The break dancing bit at the end is weird. and that dance was extremely short. She did good but…

CAI says she’s the best in frame of everyone. Derek loved the choreo at the top, wasn’t expecting a B-girl. Beautiful tango. Bruno says that was an action packed blockbuster.

I thought she did very well with that dance, even though it struck me as a bit weird.

Scores: 9, 9, 9 for a total of 27. Much more earned than Monica’s score. How is it Monica is only a point behind them. Yes, I’m not going to let that go.

Numbers Update: Very interested to see the results tonight. In case you’ve forgotten, the number on the right is the number of votes per million votes cast that the lower scored couple needs to beat the higher scored couple.

Jessie/Chrishell vs. Vernon 0.72% 7,220
Jessie/Chrishell vs. Justina/Jeannie/AJ/Skai 1.81% 18,051
Jesse/Chrishell vs. Monica 2.53% 25,271
Vernon vs. Justina/Jeannie/AJ/Skai 1.08% 10,830
Vernon vs. Monica 1.81% 18,051
Justina/Jeannie/AJ/Skai vs. Monica 0.72% 7,220
Justina/Jeannie/AJ/Skai vs. Kaitlyn 1.08% 10,830
Monica vs. Kaitlyn 0.36% 3,610


Nelly up next. Sad to say I have seen the movie Porky’s. 😀 He should do well at Samba

He’s rocking an 80s look.. groove stars out well, and he’s actually doing well with the bounce after a slightly rough start. And he really seems to be having fun. I’m really enjoying this dance!

Derek says that was his best dance ever and it was a legit Samba and there was a freedom to him. Bruno says happy free, easy. All the foot work was precise and kept the freedom. CAI says dance can make people happy and that made her so happy. He’s got ease.

Scores: 8, 8, 8, for a 24. I might have thrown a 9 in there. It’s all compared to Monica after all.

Johnny is up next and I’m rooting for him. This should be in his wheelhouse.

Starts off great. They’re so in sync. I’m mesmerized. Johnny is coming into his own. Beautifully choreographed, Britt. That was excellent! Might be my new favorite.

Bruno says a bunch of stuff…sign of an artist. Good emotion. Use more contraction…full of shit. Where were these critiques for Monica? CAI says he crushed it. Also says the choreo was amazing. Derek says there’s been high expectations, was watching him carefully and says it was perfect.

Scores: 10, 10, 9 for a 29… absolutely agree with that.

I’m exhausted. Look at the numbers above…they’re not moving that much. If something odd happens, I’ll do a numbers post to explain it. And no, Monica being in the bottom two would not be odd, but I might do a post on it just to show how few votes she’s getting

Nev up next and he’s my former favorite. He does have Salsa experience…Linz found the video and sent it to me, but he’s NOT a professional dancer…he’s not even that good. 🙂

That camera noise is extremely annoying. Love this song. He’s doing great, but pretty sure he had a foot fault early on. We’ll see if it was just me. Breaking hold in the middle – big no no…we’ll see if it gets called. Really good dance! I enjoyed it!

CAI comments on the balance, says he was ahead. Derek loved it, loved his face – comments on his mom not muting him. Great job, loved it. Bruno says he took to it like a duck to water. Says he maintained the timing.

Scores: 8, 9, 9 for a total of 26. I don’t have too much trouble with that score.

Who’s going to be in the bottom? I wouldn’t be surprised with any combo of Skai, Monica or Chrishell…and Jesse could join one of them as well. Vernon and Nelly are at risk, but I think both men have enough fans to pull through this week. IF Monica is in the bottom again…what will the judges do if she’s against someone they scored lower. I don’t know why they put themselves in a tough position like this.

Here we go!!

SAFE: Monica and Val
SAFE: Nelly and Daniella
SAFE: Jeannie and Brandon
SAFE: Johnny and Britt
SAFE: Justina and Sasha
SAFE: AJ and Cheryl
SAFE: Nev and Jenna
SAFE: Skai and Alan
SAFE: Kaitlyn and Artem
SAFE: Chrishell and Gleb

Bottom two are Vernon and Jesse.

Bruno: blathering on, so Derek gets cut short – saves Vernon
CAI: blathering on so Derek gets cut short – saves Vernon…so Derek doesn’t have to talk.

Jesse gets the ax. Derek would have also saved Vernon.

So, how far will they go to save Monica next week?