Dancing with the Stars Season 29, Week 8 – Who’s Dancing What…and When??

Double elimination and Relay dances…and of course, I know you were all holding your breath to hear what Tyrant is “walking out” to (FFS, I can’t even believe I have to type crap like that about this show):

The show’s cold open will be a sketch aimed at encouraging people to vote as part of a nonpartisan initiative. Later, Tyra Banks will walk out to “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. In addition, for the first time this season, Relay Dances will find our couples split into three groups, dancing either a Cha Cha, Samba or Viennese Waltz relay. Each group will dance to a different song and the couples will take turns, one couple dancing at a time. One judge will rank the couples within each relay group and give bonus points depending on those rankings. These points will be combined with the individual scores and live voting to determine who is up for elimination.

So, if I’m understanding this overly complicated relay structure, each group of three gets a style of dance and one judge, who ranks them. And of course, they stick samba in there just to handicap three couples. Hmmmm…who will they choose? Will they level the playing field, or give Samba to whoever they want to go home….or better still, group the couples with an obvious winner in each grouping, keeping them safe? You would think that Justina would not have Samba, since that’s her regular dance. You’d also think that Nev and Chrishell wouldn’t get V. waltz for the same reason. But we will see.

And I have to ask, who the HELL is picking these song/dance combinations?? For every one they get right, there is one that appears, on paper, to be a disaster. Only with Derek as choreographer would I look forward to something other than a train wreck when I saw “Viennese Walts to Hound Dog By Elvis” – are they TRYING to kill me?? Here’s who’s dancing what: Read more..