Dancing with the Stars Season 29, Week 10 – LIVE BLOG

So, is it a single elimination or a double elimination? Will we lose two popular people or will the results be more….rational? Who knows!  Tune in to find out, I guess.

T-minus 30 minutes…

I thought that opening number was adorable. Loved it.

Lord save us from Tyrant.  FINALLY the judges get the same treatment as the host. CAI looks great! As do the men.

Uh oh, Skai up first and destined for a lower score.  I saw over the weekend who had what judge, but I didn’t care enough to update my post. Skai has the wild and crazy Bruno. She’s such a little cutie.

She looks a lot more comfortable doing cha cha, but a tiny bit robotic in a few moves. But man, she really gets into it at the halfway point. That was excellent!!  I’d probably give her 9s.

Bruno is so proud. Great hip action, great legs, used the floor. Strong, sharp and hot. CAI says it was amazing and it was a great start. Agreeing with Bruno. Derek says the confidence is great, so much stronger. Loves the dress because of how it accentuates the movements.

Scores: After the break.  Seriously, the way Tyra does it, it’s like she doesn’t know they’re doing that until someone whispers in her ear.

Scores: 9, 9, 9 for a total of 27.

Justina up next with Derek  as their judge.  They doing Tango to Roxanne. Derek gives great advice.

She looks amazing. She had her head cranked around the wrong way but fixed it. Definitely smoother. Not loving Sasha’s choreography, but she does a good job. Wish Derek could have choreographed it.

Derek says the intro was great, passion, energy was great, no hops. Bruno says that’s what he was waiting for. CAI says she was amazing, new confidence, wonderful job.

Scores: 9, 10, 9 for a total of 28.  I think the 10 was too high, but I get why Derek did it. She did improve a LOT and he isn’t biased against Sasha’s choreography. 🙂

Side Note: Go check out Nikki Bella’s instagram for Artem’s little boy being super adorable. What a gorgeous child!!

Johnny is up next! CAI is their judge and she chose Salsa for their redemption. Not sure how helpful she is, but I guess we can’t all be Derek. 🙂

Nice hip action and he seems like he took CAIt’s notes. Loved that lift/spin. All in all, very nice dance! Feel like he got a bit winded at the end.

CAI says he improved a lot and he seems a bit stronger, noted a mis-step at one point. Derek says that was a tough routine, and he did it with power and finesse, didn’t notice missed connections. Notes that he’s wearing cuban heels and loves it. Bruno says he really has the feeling now and he maintained.  They’re going to underscore him…

Scores: 9, 9, 9 for a total of 27. Okay, not underscored. I would say that’s about right.

Nelly and Daniella are up next with Bruno as their judge. He’s doing the Paso Doble. Bruno giving some decent advice.

Lord, Daniella is amazing. And Nelly is doing great…he really has improved a lot. Side by side is great. Wow. He’s killing this. A bit shaky at the end, but killer.

Bruno could see shapes, and lines, and he used restrained power. Put so much work in to it. CAI agreed, says he dance with power and presence and regalness – very impressive. A small moment where it was flatfooted. If she gives him an 8 I’ll scream. Derek says massive improvement, focus was captivating, would have liked a bit more attack because of the percussion.

Scores: 9, 8, 9 for a total of 26. The hell, Derek.

Nev up next with Derek as his judge. They’re doing foxtrot to Harry Styles.

Seems a tiny bit out of sync, but the arms look good, the shapes look good.  I’m never a fan of the staccato moves in foxtrots and there are a few in here, but it’s not too bad. All in all, great dance!

Derek says that’s a throw back to competition days. Pure foxtrot. Absolute control. Beautiful. Bruno says he’s a class act, never lost the frame, bum was under control. Interprets music great. CAI says from the first step, great heel leads, mastered the technique, he’s a ballroom artist.

Scores: 10, 10, 10, for a total of 30.

I’m conflicted. That was a good dance, but I don’t think it was that much better than the other dancers.

Of course they give Kaitlyn CAI because the producers on this show thrive on conflict between women, in particular. Happens. EVERY. SEASON.  Seriously, almost every season there is some beef between CAI and some young, pretty woman. Didn’t she have the same problem with Hannah and others before her (Nastia??).  Anyway, she’s doing Paso and she’s trying to up the drama.

Stop with the stairs already.  I feel like she’s losing some of that pretty/perfect characterization. This seems a good bit stronger and very well danced. Well done!!

CAI is giving her a standing O. Passionate, powerful – redemption is great. This is what we want, fantastic. Derek says he was feeling like a broken record, then half way through he was sold, he got it. Bruno says he definitely got it, and he’s out of control. Says it was 100 percent authentic and amazing.

Scores: 10, 10, 10 for a total of 30

I was worried about Derek there for a minute. He always did this on World of Dance too – always scored the ballroom couples harder than any other dance styles on the show.  It occasionally sucks that he’s an expert ballroom dancer. 🙂 Combine that with his tendency to be kinder than he should be at times and it makes him someone confounding as a judge on DWTS, where everyone is an amateur.

Numbers Update: Here’s where it gets interesting. If they really want him gone, it’s easy with two dances to make it happen. Nelly gets another 26 and everyone else gets a 30 and that puts him WAY behind. And it won’t even look that funny – except to me.

Justina is up next with her contemporary – which usually bores me to tears, so we’ll see.

Again, she looks beautiful. Lots of contemporary canned moves.  Like the second lift. They’re not as in sync as I would like. Saw a few moves from Derek/Kelly. Good job, all in all.

Derek says he’s having moments tonight, and this time is where all the emotions are mixed in. She made that look effortless. Bruno says she has breathable movement, he loves her. CAI compliments Sasha, she doesn’t know what it is about this dance, it was beautiful, authentic, gorgeous.  See, contemporary is lost on me most of the time. They all seem the same.

Scores: After the break. It’ll be 10s.

Scores: 10, 10, 10 for a total of 30.  So far they’re on track.

Skai is up next with a V. Waltz. Why did they change the order, anyway??

Beautiful start. Her leg was weird when kicked up. Beautiful in hold. Still having a bit of trouble with balance in the turns. Great dance, IMO. Few little odd bits but great.

Bruno says it was so elegant it could be Vogue cover. Developed and maintained a connection. Nice weightless flow. CAI says she’s an exceptional young woman, never stops fighting ever. Showed the vulnerability, and it took the dance to a whole new level. Derek echos the other judges, and she emoted through the whole dance and he connected with that.  Seamless transitions.

Scores: 10, 10, 10 for a total of 30. Holding to form so far!  They’re going to telegraph who they hope goes home.

Numbers Update: If they do what I think they’re going to do and give Nelly about the same score while everyone else gets a 30, this is where it will end up, score wise.

Dancer Comparisons % Difference Votes needed
Nelly vs. Skai/Johnny 1.45% 14,535
Nelly vs. Justina 1.74% 17,442
Nelly vs.. Nev/Kaitlyn 2.33% 23,256

We know that Nelly has overcome those types of numbers before, but can he do it twice tonight?? If Johnny gets less than a 30, hell even if he doesn’t, this should be interesting. Either way, I bet Nelly goes home. He certainly does if he’s in the bottom against any other two people.

Johnny up next with his jazz.

Off to a great start.  Great sync. Britt really interprets every note. She’s the perfect pro for Johnny. Great dance, IMO.

CAI loved it, amazing, looked like he was on cloud 9. Had a feeling of hope. Derek says it was beautiful routine, loved the bit in the beginning, feels the genuine connection. Impersonates Len saying he wants to give it an 11. Says it was dynamic, musical, he’s raving.

Scores: 10, 10, 10 for a total of 30.

I know I was sounding cynical earlier that they would give everyone a 30, but so far they’ve been earned.  The only question mark is Nelly.

Nev is up next with contemporary. Yes 2020 has sucked.

Jenna is probably the only current pro who can choreograph a good contemporary (along with Britt).  And the lifts in this dance are creative and amazing.  As is the emotion. Very well done. Best contemporary I’ve seen in a while.

Derek forgot to judge, wonderful to witness. Gives serious props to Jenna – well deserved. Bruno was totally engrossed, everything was totally on point and wonderful. Like Derek he was totally with them. CAI – amazing choreo, not toned down for him at all. She challenged him. Well done.

Scores: 10, 10, 10 for a total of 30.  Another score I agree with.

I know a lot of people have trouble with Jenna……eeeee, we get Derek next week too!!!…okay, as I was saying, I know some people have trouble with Jenna, but I don’t think there’s any argument that she’s a excellent choreographer. I even like her….except for her taste in men. 🙂 She’s ten times the choreographer that anyone else in that family is…including Peta.

Ugh, they’re giving Nelly the edit to justify lower scores.

Numbers Update:  Assuming they carry on with the track they are on and give everyone except Nelly a 30, this is where it will end up.

Dancer Comparisons % Difference Votes needed
Nelly vs. Skai/Johnny 1.45% 14,535
Nelly vs. Justina 1.74% 17,442
Nelly vs.. Nev/Kaitlyn 2.33% 23,256
Skai/Johnny vs Justina 0.29% 2,907
Skai/Johnny vs Nev/Kaitlyn 0.87% 8,721
Justina vs. Nev/Kaitlin 0.58% 5,814

Nelly dancing jive.  He’s doing surprisingly well from he knees up. 🙂 He has the character, not the footwork.  I love how hard he’s trying. He loses it a bit there in the middle.

All the judges are standing and applauding for some reason. Bruno says he nailed it. They are seriously on crack, because his first dance was great and he struggled with this one. I feel like I’m in an alternative universe. CAI is just raving, saying it’s amazing. Derek says he nailed it, the energy was great.  I love me some Nelly, but this is wild. Like I said, he had the character of the dance, but there were a lot of obvious mistakes.

Scores: 10, 10, 10….30.   Yeah, he’s going home. That’s the only way he gets a perfect score. They are going to have a bottom three and he’s apparently going to be one of the three, which means they can easily let him go.  Either that, or they’re just surrendering to the audience and he’s going to win next week. 🙂

Numbers Update: That 30 for Nelly destroyed the margins. Sometimes I think the judges have no clue on math, because I’m not at all sure that Nelly will land in the bottom three, if that’s what they do.

Dancer Comparisons % Difference Votes needed
Nelly vs. Skai/Johnny 0.29% 2,874
Nelly vs. Justina 0.57% 5,747
Nelly vs.. Nev/Kaitlyn 1.15% 11,494
Skai/Johnny vs Justina 0.29% 2,874
Skai/Johnny vs Nev/Kaitlyn 0.86% 8,621
Justina vs. Nev/Kaitlin 0.57% 5,747

This could be a disaster.

Kaitlyn up next with the last dance of the night with a contemporary. Dang, is Nelly the only person who didn’t get contemporary or Jazz for the second round?? Let’s not rig it or anything and give him Jive.

Anyway, this has the potential to be very emotional. Great dress! Kaitlyn has really grown as a dancer as well. Nice lift! She has more expression in her dance, more variety. That was very well done. Not as nice as Nev’s but great.

CAI says the standard, never seen a semifinals this good. Raves over Kaitlyn’s dance. Derek  says that his favorite part of DWTS is telling stories through dance. Thanks her for that. Bruno says it was powerful, beautiful. Says this show wouldn’t happen without all the people backstage – thanks them.

Of course she gets a 30. 🙂  She’s tied for first place.

SAFE: Nelly and Daniella (uh oh)

SAFE: Nev and Jenna

SAFE: Kaitlyn and Artem

Well, the judges were going with “Nelly is inevitable.”

Johnny gets eliminated because he is at the very bottom…and he doesn’t even get a shot to talk. Now the judges have to choose between Justina and Skai.  Should choose Justina.

Derek: Huge congrats to Johnny, well done Johnny. Saving Justina.

CAI: Compliments both. Saves Justina.

Skai and Alan are eliminated.  Bruno agreed with Derek and CAI. Says Skai was a princess.

Bummed for Johnny, but that’s how it goes sometimes.  If they hadn’t giving Nelly the 30, I wonder if it would have changed the outcome. Either these people don’t get math, or Nelly is going to win the whole thing. You heard it here first. 🙂

Whoa, the dude from “Good Doctor” is British?!?!  How did I not know this??? He just got cute. 😉