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I found this week very mundane….nothing really got me going except for looking into Derek’s dream scene 🙂  I enjoyed some of the costumes that the celebs got to design…Karina looked HOT, Anna D. looked STUNNING, and Kelly as always, so ADORABLE 🙂  I thought Kym’s dress was all over the place, mya’s dress didn’t have enough sparkle to it, and Joanna’s had to much fabric….did I really just say that!  I thought her nude fabric was to much and wasn’t needed to the extent that it was used.  Now to the good, the bad, and the incredibly hot!

I chose Aaron this week for the good routine because he’s really starting to control himself and when it does he’s just amazing to watch! I could without all the ‘bad ass’ stuff at the end and the tongue sticking out at times but it’s the performance factor for him!

It is getting harder every week to put someone in this position but I’m going to have to go with Mark this week. I’m putting Mark here because I felt like his dance was ALL OVER THE PLACE! You could tell that he so badly wanted to do good for Lacey and to keep up his scores from the week before. However, with everything that happened…it just wasn’t his week 🙁

JOANNA!!!!!!! Is it any surprise 🙂 This dance was so amazing and she did it beautifully! I can’t wait until she get’s the first 30 of the season…if she gets all the stumbles worked out!

November 4, 2009 I Written By

DWTS Season 10: Possible Female Contenders :)

Alright, I’ve debated on whether or not to put my choices for next season out there since this season is still going on, but I’m just going to do it since I’ve been working on my pairing for quite sometime! Who knew it was going to be SO difficult to put a decent cast together to represent multiple cultures (i.e. athletes, singers, actors, etc.)

I read Heidi’s post on things she’s heard/seen around the internet and I would bet that someone from the Jackson family might be on, but I didn’t put them in my pairings because I don’t care to see them next season! So here is what I’d like to see go down 🙂

Miley Cyrus (17, Pop Singer/Actress), she has been getting a lot of heat lately and I don’t think she deserves it! I think she is a genuine teen at heart who is trying to grow up and America won’t let her!

Partner: Mark Ballas…I think he’d have the patience with her and he’d be a great role model for her to have!  And he’s dating someone in her industry which would be a nice balance for her!

Mary-Kate Olsen (23, Actress), It is time for Mary-Kate to put those hideous outfits away and put on a sparkling ballroom gown 🙂

Partner: Benji Schwimmer…season 2 SYTYCD contestant and brother of Lacey…I think he’s just what MK needs, spunk!  AND I think it’s time we get some new pro dancers 🙂

Nicole Richie (28, Reality TV Star), she was the bad girl and notoriously funny girl from the ‘Simple Life’!  She’s now mellowed down and has two children with Joel Madden.

Partner: Derek Hough…I think these two would be hilarious together!  Both goofballs!

Malia Jones (33, Surfer), I don’t know much about her except that she is a kick ass surfer from Hawaii!

Partner Dmitry Chaplin:  This would be the hottest couple, hands down, on the girls end 🙂

Tyra Banks (36, Model/Talk Show Host), she’s done everything else so why not put her on DWTS 🙂  I think she’d take the experience to heart and find someway to put it on her show!

Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy…he needs someone to keep him in check and Tyra would do just that!

Nadia Comaneci (48, Olympic Gymnast) To have the first gymnast to ever recieve a perfect 10 on DWTS would be such an honor for ABC!   She’d be AMAZING to watch!

Partner: Louis Van Amstel…I think she’ll need someone to make her laugh and not get stressed over taking the competition to seriously and we’ve seen what he’s done with Kelly this season!

Ellen DeGeneres (52, Talk Show Host) We all know that Ellen loves to dance and she does not qualify for her favorite show So You Think You Can Dance, so why not give her a spot on an equally amazing dancing show 🙂  I think she’d be hilarious and jump right into the experience!

Partner: Tony Dovolani…I think these two have very similar personalities and Tony would be able to bring out Ellen’s passion for dance in brilliant choreography!

Anna Wintour (60, Vogue Editor-in-Chief), she is widely famous for being chic and always in style and I would love to get her out of her comfort zone and be equally chic in some ballroom gear 🙂

Partner: Jonathan Roberts….he always seems to bring out the best in his partners and I think he’d be the only person to keep up with her busy schedule!

Let me know your opinions and look for the male contenders next week 🙂

October 30, 2009 I Written By

Melissa Joan Hart Sent Home on DWTS

I was expecting a lot more from Melissa but she never fully delivered for me.  However she did have some fun dances and sweet costumers!!

Melissa’s best dance was her Charleston by far!  I think this was because she was in her element of acting the piece more than dancing it technically. 


Who doesn’t love fringe!  This costume was so bright and suited her personality very well!

She look’s so elegant her!  This dress was so gorgeous on her and you can tell she has having so much fun with Mark!

Thanks to Phillipe, I have pictures of her amazing Charleston dress 🙂  Or maybe I’m just a fan of the era…who knows!

October 29, 2009 I Written By

Louie Vito Sent Home on DWTS

He was my favorite and I’m so sad that he was sent home over Michael Irvin 🙁  I loved his chemistry with Chelsie and his willingness to support her in every dance from week to week!  I understand that he dropped Chelsie twice on Monday nights show and that was a huge NO-NO for the judges but I thought he did beautifully in the style.  Enough venting on my love for Louie Vito…let’s see some of his best dances and costumes 🙂

I think I’m just a hopeless romantic and always hoped these two would get together for the first shomance of the season!

Week 6: Jitterbug

Week 3: Rumba

Nothing says sexy like a typical Latin outfit!  He was very hot and complementary to Chelsie’s gold costume!

I love him in red!  His muscles are crazy amazing and look how much fun he’s having with Chelsie!

Do you see how in to Chelsie he is right now!  I think this is my favorite outfit on him because he’s in his element with the over sized t-shirt and biker jacket!  This is the only time that I didn’t like Chelsie’s costume with Louie’s

I couldn’t find a picture of his beginning get up but this is equally sexy!  And Chelsie looks so gorgeous!

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I’m very sad this week because I loved Louie and Chelsie and was not ready to see them go 🙁  However, that is the nature of the show and favorites go home every week.

What I was really excited about was all the sexy outfits!  Hello Joanna in her mambo costume, SO HOT!  Kelly in her jitterbug out, SO ADORABLE!  Louie as a ‘nerd’, SO SEXY!  Donny in his train get up, SO FUN!!  And now for the good, the bad, and the incredibly hot!

Kelly and Louis
These two crack me up every single week!!!!  I love their chemistry and I love that Louis choreographs to highlight Kelly at every stage of the dance!  Her smile is infectious and her feet are getting their 🙂  Her turns are always off and her feet are sometimes very pigeon-toed but watching her with Louis is amazingly beautiful!

Melissa and Mark
I think Melissa had a lot of potential to go a long way on this show but she got to the point where she was more focused on the destination rather than the journey.  The choreography that Melissa this week was very classic waltz but I didn’t feel like Melissa connected with the piece the way it required.  The technique Mark has been trying to instill in her from day one has been going out the window since after their Charleston and I think this week it was finally all gone.

Competition Mambo: Derek and Joanna
HOLY SMOKES…these two were so SEXY!!!!  The choreo Derek gave Joanna was perfect and it really suited her well!  She is beautiful in the latin world and I can’t wait for more from these two!

October 28, 2009 I Written By

Natalie Coughlin Sent Home on DWTS

John gave me a brilliant idea to do a tribute to the star that has been sent home so here we go with Natalie in Week 5…

Her best dance

Her hottest costume(s)

Not many people can pull off orange but Natalie shined in this crazy, fun Latin outfit!  And you can totally tell that her and Alec are having such a blast with the dance 🙂

I wasn’t sure about this costume when I first saw it but it really does her justice!  I love that it complemented the song they danced to but I also like that she representing the USA just like she did in swimming.  The only thing that I hated about this outfit was Alec’s ensemble!  The two just don’t go together but Natalie looks GORGEOUS!

I was hoping for a better picture of her ‘ice princess’ costume but this is all I could find 🙁  I absolutely loved this dress on her.  She looked so elegant and beautiful and, again, you can tell that she and Alec are enjoying their dance together.

I was really sad to see Natalie go and according to some twitter accounts…others were just as sad:

From Johnathon Roberts (@JonatRoberts)
@NatalieCoughlin You were so awesome all thru the show. Great technique, flexibility, performance-you had it all, we think you are great!!!

@NatalieCoughlin u were great & did NOT deserve 2 go. I’m so bummed, Anna & I were so enjoying watching u dance-u r awesome

From Carrie Ann (@carrieanninaba)
Very sad as well about Natalie and Alec. Doesn’t seem right. This year is very interesting….

From Mark Dacascos (@mark_dacascos)
Thank you for keeping us on another week. Really sad to see Natalie leave — one of the most charming, kind, classy women I’ve ever met.

From Dmitry Chaplin (@dmitry_ch)
@NatalieCoughlin u were AMAZING and I am really sad to see you go… Keep on shining, you are great!

From Kelly Osbourne (@MissKellyO)
@NatalieCoughlin I just wanted to let you know how amazing its been getting to know you. You are the coolest girl i’ve met in a long time!

October 22, 2009 I Written By


This was such a fun week of Latin dances!!!!  I absolutely adore the paso doble and the Argentine tango because their fierce, sexy, powerful, and aggressive!  Not to mention…HOT COSTUMES!!!!  I loved Natalie’s homage to the USA, Karina and Aaron’s fiery red attire, Kym’s racy black dress, Lacey’s very Karina like ruby dress, and how could you not love Kelly and Louis’ outfits 🙂  Now for the good, the bad, & the incredibly hot!!!!  Any guesses 🙂

Aaron and Karina finally made the comeback we were all waiting for…well at least, I was waiting for!  It was so nice to see him as a ‘men’ rather than a wild ‘boy’ from the past two weeks!  His technique this week was outstanding but the only thing that got was his wrists!  For instances, at the beginning of the dance when he has his hands behind his back, his wrists need to be tighter and fingers together.  But it’s just a little thing 🙂

All the dancers did a good job this week so it was hard deciding who to put in the bad stop but I’m going to have to go with Anna and Michael again this week. I just can’t get down with these two. I don’t know what it is about them but I will say Anna’s choreography was MUCH better this time around!

The only pair that I thought would fit here is Chelsie and Louie because of their chemistry. I think these dance very well together and this weeks scores did not do them justice. I understand what the judges mean when they say Louie walks instead of dances. However, for the Argentine Tango, I think Louie was right on with the slow steps, long strides, and ankle flicks! The dance itself could have been sexier but I think Chelsie is playing hard to get with Louie 😉

October 21, 2009 I Written By


After catching up on last nights dwts, I am left baffled.  I can’t pinpoint what is disappointing me at the moment but it was a weird night, I feel like.  I didn’t enjoy the country two-step.  I thought the couples that did the dance, danced it to the best of their abilities and had fun with it but I don’t think the dance fits with DWTS at all.  My favorite was Chelsie and Louie…who doesn’t love those two 🙂

I kind of like the Charleston.  I get that it is a 20s dance and everyone that danced it really got into character.  I think Mark’s choreography was brilliant and it fit Melissa to a tee!  I LOVED kim’s outfit!  There’s nothing better than a red flapper dress with a matching head piece!

I liked the Bolero….nothing really stood out to me except that it was really, really slow.   My favorite was Alec and Natalie!  I really enjoy watching Natalie.  I don’t know what it is about her but she’s amazing and she looks amazing when she dances…..minus her arms!  But I’m sure Alec will fix them in the weeks to come!

I kind of liked the lambada.  It was sexy and fun and Derek was shirtless so what else could you ask for!  I didn’t like Joanna’s dress though…the fringe was too long and I would have liked to see the color more vibrant!

Overall, though, none of the styles really WOWED me…but I am excited to get back to the paso doble next week 🙂  So here we go for this weeks….

I debated between Natalie and Mya for this spot because they both danced beautifully and nailed their choreography!  However, I am going to go with Natalie because part of the reason that I love her is that dancing doesn’t come natural to her.  I love seeing her progression from week to week and I thought this week her footwork was outstanding!  Her arms kill me every week but with Bruno pointing it out the way he did I’m sure it’ll get fixed 🙂

I don’t have that many things to say about Michael and Anna except that there just isn’t any chemistry between the two of them.  I know this is Anna’s first season on the show but I agree with the judges that she is not putting enough dancing into the routines.  Maybe it’s because Michael can only do so much…that wouldn’t surprise.  But I think she can put a few more elements in there!

Joanna and Derek…hands down!  Who did not love that dance!  I loved that he was shirtless 🙂  Most of all, you could tell that they were having such a great time!  Derek always has the most amazing choreography and Joanna picks up on it quickly.  She performs very well and I can’t wait to see what they bring for the weeks to come!

October 13, 2009 I Written By


Last night I was all kinds of weird with a little bit of fun!  Len is starting to drive me crazy….his judging and critiques are all over the place.  I wonder what he sees when the pros & celebs dance!  Whatever it may be he’s still part of the crazy judging panel that ranks/scores our precious dancers!

At least the costumes were on point!  I absolutely LOVED Chelsie’s dress and Louie’s latin hair 🙂  Natalie sparkled in her outfit and Melissa made quite the comeback from last weeks polka dots!  Debi was a little out there but out of all the outfits, that being the worst, not such a bad night!

Now on to the good, the bad, and the incredibly hot!!

Mya and Dmitry are so darn cute together but I really wish they had more chemistry! I don’t know what is holding Mya back from fully committing herself to Dmitry but I hope they figure it out because her technique is AMAZING!

For once I’m not even tempted to put Tom Delay in this spot! But it’s Michael Irvin this week…I think he wants it but the samba got the best of him this week. He fell out of the dance a couple of times and never could recover.

I had to watch Chelsie and Louie’s rumba several times because it was so hot!! Now, he doesn’t have the best technique but chemistry is what sells and boy do he and Chelsie have chemistry! And the kiss in the middle of the dance…so cute 🙂 I think they deserved a higher score but I’m sure they’ll surprise us again next week!!!!

October 6, 2009 I Written By


I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt like things were very off this week. The costumes were all over the place….Lacey and her one strap of faux fur, Tony and Kathy not even matching with red and purple, Chelsie’s jean jacket with a green studded bra and a red skirt, Aaron’s green ensemble, Melissa and Mark I don’t even have words for!. However, I LOVED Derek and Joanna’s black/motorcycle get up, Louis’s tee with a over sized black jacket, Mya’s amazing tasseled dress, Anna T’s black costume which was a play off one of Karina’s costumes from last season.

Holy Smokes Aaron Carter! I knew he could dance but this was so entertaining! His technique was above par and the muppets was a nice touch!

Oh Kathy…she is so beautiful and elegant but not very rhythmic. She never found that connection with Toni and she never grasped onto the concept of what each dance should in tale.

Donny Osmond, hands down, had the best routine of the night! Kym really knows how to choreography a piece that is going to WOW the audience and still be technically up to par!

September 30, 2009 I Written By