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The Dancing Poetry Corner – Twas The Night Before Christmas – Dancing With The Stars Style

Oh the 11/24/15 Dancing With the Stars Finale there was a spoof on The Night Before Christmas. I loved the whimsical spoof brought to us by Santa Gary, Mrs. Paula Claus, and Santa’s Elf Victor!

I remembered I had done one of those too. Enjoy My encore version from 2014!

I was thinking about TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE. CHRISTMAS. I thought wouldn’t it be fun writing it DANCING WITH THE STARS STYLE. Therefore, here is:


Twas the night before Christmas in the dark dancing studio
No dancers dancing, no Mirror Ball Trophy, no special glow

Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno are snuggled warm in their beds
Erin and Tom are in their homes snoozing like sleepyheads

Derek, Julianne and their family are settled in for the night
Tony’s kids waiting on Santa, soon squealing with delight

Val and Maks share love with their precious Mom and Dad
Artem, Sasha, Keo, Henry celebrating in their bachelor pad Read more..

December 12, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – A Double Christmas Miracle

Another type of writing I dabble in from time to time are short stories. This one has a personal meaning to me as you can see in the paragraph after the story.

Please enjoy:


Samantha Erin and Anthony Michael, twins, were born on December 25, Christmas Day, to Louisa and Kent Thompson. They were a true Christmas miracle! Louisa and Kent had tried for ten years after their marriage to conceive a child. They were about to try to adopt a child when Louisa found out she was pregnant. They were relieved they didn’t have to try other means to become pregnant. But, very apprehensive how the pregnancy would progress.

Fortunately, the pregnancy was uneventful as far as complications were concerned. But, the pregnancy became very eventful when one day at a doctor’s appointment a sonogram revealed…..Louisa and Kent were going to become parents to twins! Louisa and Kent’s eyes got as big as saucers staring into the sonogram machine! They could see two babies forming in her womb. This momentous occasion gave new meaning to the word surprise! Read more..

I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – Holly Jolly Finale Celebration

I preface my column with the hopes that you all had a Thanksgiving full of fun, food, fellowship, however and wherever your celebrations took you! My column is late due to much preparation, lots of family around, celebrating the many blessings of my life! It has been a blessing to be able to share my love of Dancing With The Stars with all of you through the compilations of written words. I hope you have enjoyed the hard work and attention to detail when preparing my work to share.

The lyrics to Celebration Time by Kool and the Gang came to mind as I watched the two night Dancing with The Stars Finale. A festival was taking place on the dance floor. An all out dancing celebration! The ballroom was shaking, was filled with rousing applause! Dance after dance filled our senses with pure delight! A sense of revelry, an atmosphere of conviviality was shared by the dancers! Friendships formed that will last, bonds were made to last forever. That spirit of camaraderie far eclipsed the Mirror Ball Trophy. The blinged out Mirror Ball was the prize, the bedazzled trophy was hoisted in celebration of a magnificent couple worthy to call it their own!

A genius idea was to take the second night of the Finale on location to The Grove. The Holiday atmosphere was on full resplendent display! The show seemed larger than its dancing life with the stage bedecked with a mammoth, sparkling Christmas tree and other visual delights! It certainly was a sprint between there and the studio, but through the genius of production it worked seamlessly! Read more..

November 30, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – A Potpourri of Dance – Semi-Finals Swing Style

I will preface my writing with my continued thoughts and prayers for the families of the victims of the Paris attacks. Also, for the entire situation, the ramifications near, far and wide. God be with Paris and God be with us all.

My heartfelt sympathies also for the death of the father of fellow columnist Voguerista. God be with her and her family.

Season 21 is drawing to a close. How can that be! It seems like we just saw the Cast Announcement on Good Morning America. The journeys of the cast have been highlighted culminating in the four pairs who have advanced to the Semi-Finals. A potpourri of many styles of dancing were highlighted.

The opening was another unique feat of choreography by Mandy Moore. Featuring circles of light and interchangeable pairs, the pros were in the spotlights! Albeit brief, the opening was a prelude to the introduction of the semi-finalists.

A special dance, a Foxtrot, was performed by Val and Jenna. To the music of “Here”, it was a dance of seduction, sharp, with polished finesse. It was gorgeous, glamorous, hot, sizzling, scrumptious! Stunning lifts were executed by this seasoned, professional pair!

The packages of the four pairs were extended to include more of their stories. Family and friends shared their perspectives. They were understandably beaming with pride! Their loved one is their own personal star!

Please join me for: Read more..

November 19, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – Double The Dancing Pleasure – Duets Style

I was toying with how to write this week in light of the drama in the Ballroom on Monday night. I decided to address the drama and then go on to writing as usual.

So much has been said about the situation of Tamar, how the show handled the drama, etc. Was she brave for returning to dance? Should she have returned at all? Was how the show handled the situation the proper way to do it? Was Alexa dismissed unfairly? Was Tamar unfair in not withdrawing and allowing Alexa to have the possibility of continuing? I certainly don’t know the answers to those questions.

What I do know is pneumonia and blood clots in lungs and anywhere in the body are serious business. My 94 year old Mother is recovering from pneumonia. She is doing better. My late husband developed blood clots in his legs during his cancer ordeal. He was already severely weakened from the cancer. Of course blood clots need to be caught and dealt with, if possible, to avoid them traveling, breaking off, and causing death.

My prayers and good thoughts are with Tamar for clearing up of the clots and being restored to health. That is the most important thing. The questions I mentioned may have a bit of importance, too. But, first and foremost is that Tamar gets well. The drama that happened is unfortunate but it is past. It is on to the show next Monday night. And on to my writing about this week’s Monday night’s show.

When I was thinking about a way to write about the show, I thought of the commercial of the past – Double Your Pleasure – Double Your Fun – With Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint Gum. The show offered us a new concept this week – Duet Dances to Showstopper Tunes and Shows. I was excited to see what the dancers would come up with for this concept. I was not disappointed.

Please join me for:

Double The Dancing Pleasure – Duets Style

Duets Style – Cirque Du Soliel – Beatles Love – Las Vegas
Nick and Sharna and Tamar and Val – Rumba
Cirque Du Soliel – Hey Jude
With Las Vegas Show Dancers
Aerial Work, Umbrella Props and a Confetti Explosion

A psychedelic dream, protection of a partner
Fabulous fun, brilliant choreography
All about Love, Nick became a leading man aiding Tamar

Duets Style – A New York Broadway Show – Chicago
Bindi and Derek and Mark and Alexa – Jazz/Charleston
Chicago – All That Jazz – Hot Honey Rag
With Troupe Assist

Superb hat and hand choreography, perfect team work
Darling duo Bindi and Alexa, scoring a strike
Jazzy, snazzy, full of pizzazzy precision, Broadway Bonanza

Duets Style – A Cruise Ship Show – We Will Rock You
Alek and Lindsay and Carlos and Lindsay – Paso Doble
We Will Rock You
With Troupe Assist

Rocking beats, spectacular lifts, overall great
Duo of Alek and Carlos – Paso moves
Pulsating drum beats, with a color explosion

The pairs provided a dynamic show! Each one exciting on their own!

Concept – A Cool Cat
Nick and Sharna – Quickstep
A Cool Cat in Town
With Artem and Alan

Broadway feel, with finesse, brilliant, bright
Dazzling, debonair work with Nick, Alan and Artem
Delicious movements, crisp, clear, clean, in the zone

Concept – Representing a Struggle
Alexa and Mark – Contemporary
Make It Rain

With raw emotion and deep feelings, lifting a spirit
Story told through specific, structured movements
Mirroring a dark drama as strength is born

Concept – A Dance With A Blindfold
Derek and Bindi – Viennese Waltz
Roses and Violets

Spectacular, special, with superb lines, taking risks
Mesmerizing, magnificent, maturity of dance
Connect with clarity, honesty, as a sunrise of hope

Concept – A Playboy Out of Miami Vice
Alek and Lindsay – Salsa
Back it Up
With Troupe Gals

With swagger, good presentation of character
Having fun with the girls, a Miami Vice feel
Letting hair down, bright, sparkly

Concept – Judged on Rehearsal Performance
Tamar and Val – Contemporary
Wicked Game
With Artem and Jenna

Mirror images, with emotional strength
Beautiful lines and beautiful movements
A great concept which was genuine and real

Concept – A Great Dance
Witney and Carlos – Argentine Tango
What Do You Mean

Copied movements on either side of a door
As if in a dysfunctional relationship, very well done
Sharp, staccato movements, lovely lines and footwork

The ending drama in the Ballroom was the elimination of Alexa and Mark. After growing into a special, spectacular dancer, Alexa’s time was over. It is so hard seeing anyone go at this point of all of the seasons. Those remaining have matured into dancers of beauty!

Next week the popular Trio Dances return. I always love those dances! I can’t wait to see who is chosen to work with the couples. And what they have come up with for their exciting dances!

See You Around The Dancing With The Stars Bend!

Written By Lois A Troutman, November 11, 2015

November 13, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – Guiding A Star Through Dance

As exhibited on the 11/2/15 Dancing With The Stars show, this show is much more than dancing. The show was a study in heartbreak, heart-tugging, heart wrenching, stories from the heart. The show reveals personal stories, personal growth. The show has deeply affected the pros, stars, and the viewers in ways that not any of us had comprehended before.

The pros get so many more opportunities by being able to travel with their star. They meet many new people they would never have dreamed meeting before. Their lives are greatly enriched by this superlative Ballroom show. I love how the show is one huge 21 Season Dancing With The Stars Family! It is a thing of beauty to witness and a joy forever!

Were your eyes drippy and moist last night? Because my emotions boiled over like a beaker in a laboratory. A few of the stories resonated in my life. I’m sure they affected you in that way, too. A show that can make us feel something personally within ourselves has fulfilled its mission.

The opening was a grand, glorious, glamorous show-stopper! Showcased were the ladies and men pros in separate sequences. Blending together, we were treated to a golden showcase! Another choreography fabulous feat by Mandy Moore! The entrance of the couples was filled with peppy pizzazz! Read more..

November 3, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – Dipping Into The Cauldron of Dance

Ah yes, Halloween! The word Halloween has been around since about 1745 and is Christian in origin. It comes from the Scottish term All Hallows’ Eve. Ever since the 16th Century there has been the custom of going from house to house. Back then it meant literally to sing for your supper because food was the desired result. A comprehensive history of the holiday can be found on Wikipedia.

When my two sisters and I were growing up, we took part in the ritual. My Mother had a trunk in our attic with costumes and those heavy, rubber masks. I would go up in that musty old attic and play with those for a long time. A safer time when we didn’t worry about being out in the dark or worry about our candy being tampered with. We had good old-fashioned Halloween fun! Remember parties bobbing for apples? The good old days.

Segue to the year 2015, October 26, Dancing With The Stars! I was chomping at the bits with anticipation to partake in this quirky, spooky night in the Ballroom! I was ready to be transported into that Ballroom and be scared out of my mind! Well, not really. But, this theme night is altogether kooky, mysterious and ooky!

The opening was, “a graveyard smash, a Monster Mash”! It was a fitting tribute to Halloween, kooky, ooky, spooky fun! The cast had fun themselves playing with each other. Another choreography feat by Mandy Moore! Read more..

October 28, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – The Five-Star Fantabulous Famous Dances Revue

Our apologies to Lois! Below is her Poetry Corner from last week. Her Poetry Corner for this week is coming up shortly….

After watching the opening of Famous Dances Theme week, who wouldn’t want to dance with somebody! To the tune of I Want To Dance With Somebody, the opening was full of dynamite propulsion! To the genius choreography of Mandy Moore, the brilliant pros took over the Ballroom in grand style!

The magnificent opening was a potpourri of dance styles, a true show-stopper! Resembling a Broadway show, a Variety Show Revue, replete with Radio City Rockettes high kicks, top-hats and tails! Stimulating our dancing appetites, it packed a pleasing punch!

To sum the spectacular opening up – A Porpourri of Dance Styles – Executed By Astounding Pros = The Perfect Blend!

Making an encore subbing appearance for Erin Andrews was former Dancing With the Stars contestant Leah Remini. The highlight of the evening was having Olivia Newton-John as Guest Judge. Very appropriate for Famous Dances theme. And the two Sandys, Olivia and Julianne, met and shared the judges table. Julianne will be appearing in live Grease on FOX next January 31! How cool was that!

I must note the awesome, fabulous, can-do-anything Troupe, pros who were voted off, and extra back-up dancers! They were on grand display in every dance, opening and pairs numbers. They had much to learn and did it with grand aplomb! I applaud them for all they do for the show! They are apt ambassadors for this grand Ballroom show! I raise the Mirror Ball to them, too, because they are part of the glue that makes this show sparkle and shine! Read more..

I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – Shuffling The Dancing Deck

Many seasons ago I had the idea to switch partners. I thought maybe it would be cool to see the celebrities take a turn on the ballroom floor with different pros. I’m not sure this concept was what I had in mind, an entire show worth of switching. But, it has turned out as sort of an exhibition. Yes, the pairs are judged. But, the votes actually go to the original pair. Last night’s show was a wonderful evening of dancing! There was no elimination.

The entire concept seems like a shuffling of a deck of cards. The crisp sound of those cards shuffling resonated in the Ballroom. The cards were stacked. Who would find their Ace in the Hole! Their Queen of Diamonds! Their King of Hearts! Their Queen of Hearts! Their Tens Card! Their Jack of All Trades! Was a romance in the cards?

The opening number actually resembled a deck of cards. They were pink doors, but my imagination drew me to that feeling of a deck of cards. Shuffling ensued as the new pairs were trying to find each other. It was cleverly choreographed leading to the introduction of the Judges. Lo and behold, there was the one, the only Maksim Chmerkovskiy in all his regal glory on the stage! Welcome back Maks for your encore judging performance! The Ace Card was in the Ballroom House!

Tom Bergeron returned to the Ballroom with a heavy heart. Our condolences for the Bergeron Family for the death of Ray Bergeron, Tom’s beloved Dad. Tom paid tribute to his Dad at the end of the show by saying his Dad loved the show. And perhaps somewhere his Dad would still be watching the show. I think so Tom. God be with you.

Please join me for:

Shuffling The Dancing Deck

The Perfect Tens Card
Alexa and Derek – Tango
With Troupe Assist Read more..

October 13, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet

The Dancing Poetry Corner – A Year In A Life

What was your Most Memorable Year? It’s hard to choose just one, isn’t it? I have mentioned my wedding year and the year of my husband’s death before. Another year comes to my mind:

2011 – March 23rd to be exact. I had gotten done cleaning the house my sister and I used to share in Mechanicsburg, PA. I had planned to go out after I got a shower. After the shower, I slipped and hit my leg full force on my vanity and fell backwards through the door frame into my bedroom. A trip to Urgent Care was made and the following Monday to an Orthopedic doctor. My terrible injury turned out to be a deep bone contusion/locked Achilles/sprained foot. I could not put weight on that right leg for months. I was in a wheelchair, not being able to walk. My PT cousin started me on an aggressive regimen of PT to get me walking again. I did use a walker and finally at the end of July, I was fully walking unaided. Here is the kicker, my sister and I decided to put our house up for sale in June and it sold in ten days. Somehow, even though I could not get around well, I managed to pack up my things to move which we did in July back to our hometown of McAlisterville to be closer to family. It was a very stressful time for my caregiver sister and me. It was a whirlwind and we finally got settled in our new house on October 7. We stayed with my younger sister in the interim.

Everyone has a story similar to mine. From joyous occasions to those that have brought gut-wrenching sadness, turmoil, and life-changing events. The stories in the Ballroom depicted those times and many more. Tom Bergeron is living one of those stories by needing to be with his Dad. Alfonso Ribiero ably filled in for him. We found out Allison Holker is having another baby. Congratulations to her, husband, and daughter! Witney Carson’s engagement was mentioned. Happy times interspersed with the Most Memorable Year theme. Emotions were dripping all over the Ballroom.

The Judges revealed their Most Memorable Year. Julianne chose 2007 – coming to Los Angeles, joining the show, and winning her first season. Carrie Ann chose 1993 – being part of Madonna’s Grille Tour. Bruno chose 1983 – being in an Elton John video. Sasha Farber gave us a chuckle emulating Bruno.

Please join me for:

A Year In A Life

2015 – Diffusing a train terrorist situation, meeting many people, including President Obama, being decorated with friends for heroism, Roseburg college shooting, enrolled there

Alex and Lindsay – Paso Doble
Wake Me Up

Strength of a journey, perfect focus, connection
Exquisite lines, steps of determination
Powerful depiction of emotional turmoil Read more..

October 6, 2015 I Written By

Resident DWTS Poet