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Julianne Hough Reflects On DWTS Athletes season and DWTS Past and Present

Former DWTS professional dancer/judge Julianne Hough was interviewed while in NYC, and asked to reflect on this season of DWTS, and you can read the entire article here.  While she admitted that she hadn’t yet had a chance to see the Finale, PopCulture did talk to her about DWTS present and past. “I actually really loved [pro Sasha Farber] and [former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding],” Hough told PopCulture. “I thought they were great. I just felt like she has such a willingness to do well and worked really hard, and I just love Sasha so much and how much effort he puts into his partners and stuff. So just from the outside, I was like, ‘Oh I hope they do well, I hope they make it to the finals and stuff.’”

It’s been 11 years since Julianne won her first season, with Apolo Ohno way back in Season 4. At the time, he was the youngest celebrity to ever do the show, AND he was also training as a speed skater, and I think he was the first celebrity to try to juggle both their career and their dancing. She was all of 18 years old, and still, I don’t know if there’s another professional dancer winner in ANY of the versions of the show, that’s been THAT young (however if I’m wrong, please correct me).

Anyone who has been watching DWTS since nearly the beginning knows, it’s been evolving since the beginning. And they also talked to Julianne about the differences between DWTS:The Early Years and DWTS:The Present Years.

“I can’t believe it’s been 11 years,” she told PopCulture, “That was such a fun time when I was on the show, because it was in the beginning when there wasn’t a lot of production, you weren’t allowed to use props, we didn’t have dancers behind us, it was just the two of us … and it was very technical.”

As to whether she prefers the more basic roots of the dancing show or where it is today, the Grease Live star saw the merit to each style.

“I like both,” she told PopCulture. I think that sometimes performance can outweigh the dancing, and that’s totally fine, but sometimes I feel like you just want to see it stripped down for what it is. I like both things and you know what, we have to keep moving with the times. If you’re not moving with the times you’re going to be left behind.”

She continued: But I think there’s also something to be said for holding onto the importance of why and getting back to basics … and that’s actually connecting people to their bodies so they feel like they know how to dance at the end of the show.”






May 22, 2018 I Written By

Just a typical, ordinary DWTS fan..

Let’s Send A HUGE Congratulations To Our Two DWTS Couples!

Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were married on Saturday, July 8, 2017.

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich were married on Saturday, July 8, 2017.

I had promised our sweet Vogue, who has been away from the computer for the whole weekend, that I would fill in for her, and post photos of both weddings. Instead, I ended up being VERY busy and away from the computer for a majority of the weekend because of some family obligations. I had been trying to keep up with things on my phone though…

I’m not going to post the photos, however, because I usually have a lot of trouble getting them to post, and it’s Vogue who puts any photo onto anything I’ve posted!  Instead click here to see Julianne and Brooks announcement from People and click here to see Peta and Maks announcement from People.

There’s been quite a bit said about the two weddings being on the same day, and even mentioned how unfair they were to not move their dates. The thing is, neither couple moves in the same circle, and I really don’t think that there was as much overlap in guest list as people are assuming. Other than the dates, and that 3 of them are employed by DWTS, I don’t think there was too much the same.

Both brides are breathtakingingly gorgeous! Both brides had gowns that fit them and their personalities. Both brides had a wedding that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives! Both grooms are head over heels for their bride, and vice versa.

Peta and Maks chose to get married in a huge wedding at Oheka Castle on Long Island, NY. Julianne and Brooks chose to get married in the middle of a field lakeside near Coeur D’Alene lake, Idaho.

Both are important events, and both deserve to be celebrated. I’m sure we’ll find photos to add at a later time, since one of the wedding parties chose to be a LOT more secretive about the entire wedding than the other.

Please post your congratulations below for our two happy couples!

July 10, 2017 I Written By

Just a typical, ordinary DWTS fan..

Thoughts And Prayers For DWTS 23 Terra Jole

I know that we’re all ready to start Season 24, but can we all just take a couple moments and send some thoughts or prayers toward Terra? She was recently on Access Hollywood Live (video below), and revealed just how much she was hurting throughout last season. I was actually crying, and it’s the first time that I can remember Kit going over and hugging the person she was interviewing. And a BIG THANK YOU to Sasha, who is always his wonderful self, for being there for her throughout the whole season, and the times since their season ended that he’s been there for her.

March 1, 2017 I Written By

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What is Dancing With The Stars Julianne Hough up to?

Now, THIS ONE we may have an answer to.

Over the weekend, Julianne posted a photo on her instagram, which immediately had people guessing that she will be doing a live action Barbie movie, or a Legally Blond reboot. Today, she added 2 more photos.

Also today, it’s announced here that Giorgio Beverly Hills will be launching a new fragrance promotion, with Julianne Hough as the new face of Giorgio!

Welcome to the magnetic, extravagant world of Beverly Hills, the world’s premiere spot for towering palm trees, warm West Coast winds and endless California luxury. In 1981, Giorgio Beverly Hills® burst onto the scene with its bold, timeless fragrance of the same name to celebrate the luxurious, one-of-a-kind Beverly Hills experience. Described by some as the ‘scent of the century,’ it was worn by the famous and fashionable.  Now, in celebration of its 35th anniversary, the iconic brand unveils the new Giorgio Beverly Hills® Glam and announces Emmy-Award winner Julianne Hough, a true triple-threat in the worlds of film, television, and music, as the face of the Giorgio Beverly Hills® Fragrances.

See the link above for more on the perfumes!

As always, BIG thank you goes to Miss Vogue who helps me out with all of the photos.

ETA: If you go to Julianne’s instagram, you can see the full Ad. It’s awesome.

A photo posted by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on

A photo posted by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on

November 28, 2016 I Written By

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PureDWTS Season 23 Fashion: How great did Erin Andrews, Julianne Hough and Carrie Ann Inaba look on Week 1?

WOW! What a week! Definitely eventful. Memorable. And very scary! Miss Vogue has written about what Carrie Ann says about it here on our site, and a great follow up, where ABC talks to the protesters when they were released from jail here on our site. We’ll focus on the fashions here today.

Carrie Ann’s blog is no longer at Parade magazine, she’s moved to SheKnows. Besides the protest incident, she talks about her dress on Monday, as well as her Creative Arts Emmy dress, and gives us a preview of the dress she’ll wear to the Emmy’s on Sunday. Her stylist is Jen Rade, and I think she did a great job in finding these dresses! I loved the pink in her dress on the show, the cut of the dress suited her, and the dress made the turquois in the jewelry pop!

Erin’s got her blog still on People, and I’ve not been able to find something from Julianne this season. If she’s got one and I missed, please mention where in comments, so we can add it in here. Erin’s changed stylists this season, she and Julianne both have Anita Patrickson’s team styling them, so she’s pretty busy on Show days! I loved Erin’s sparkle, and the dress! Wow! and how about Julianne’s hair with the laurel crown and roses in her hair? And that dress!

I wish we at home could see the judges as they’re coming in, because both Julianne and Carrie Ann had gorgeous dresses, but we can only see the top, since they’re sitting down behind a desk!

I can’t pick a favorite this week, all three of these women I think started the season with a BANG!

Let’s hear your thoughts about this week’s fashion. Which was your favorite?

September 14, 2016 I Written By

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DWTS Carrie Ann Talks About Creating Her Teams Dance For Week 8

This week, Carrie Ann uses her blog over on Access Hollywood to talk about the whole process to create her teams dance in the Team Up Challenge.  She mentions that it was a daunting task to coordinate so many different production elements, and she’s right. The fact that every single department backstage worked as well as they did for Carrie Ann’s dance– As well as every dance done every single week, says much for the wonderful people behind the scenes. Honestly? This show needs a lot more behind the scenes emmys.

Here’s what she has to say:

My team was to represent the dawn of man and woman, born of the elements — earth, air, water (I would have loved to have fire but I knew just getting the rain approved was more than enough to bring the concept to life). I discussed the ideas and themes and concepts in broad strokes to get their reaction. It’s important that the concept feels good for the performers because I know that it’s an arduous journey, and if they don’t love the concept, they won’t give it their all when the time comes. As the creative director, it is my job to create a dynamic space for them to shine their brightest, to give more than they’ve ever given before, and to be in their own divine and unique power. I was happy to know they liked the idea.

I always like reading what Carrie Ann has to say every week, and this week’s blog was very interesting. Make sure you head over and read the whole thing, seeing a “behind the scenes” in creating this dance from an excel spread sheet.
May 11, 2016 I Written By

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Dancing With The Stars Erin Andrew’s “Dirty Dancing” Inspired Look For Week 8

Erin’s blog is up over at People. She says that the pleated, flowy skirt on the dress reminded her of Baby’s dress at the end of the movie, where she’s waiting for Johnny. I’m not completely sure about the comparison, but I did love how the dress flowed. I loved the simplicity of her whole look.

And her hair…. GORGEOUS!

Erin’s style team hit this week out of the park, I think! What do you think?

Vogue: I agree, Lori! I tend to like lighter colors on her the most (especially white), but, this dress is stunning!

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DWTS Week 7 Erin Andrew’s Ever-Changing Fashion Of The Week

To be clear, by “ever changing” I (Lori) mean that Erin Andrews seems to be allowing her style team to develop a completely new look every week. More often than not, her look had a strong “Julianne” vibe to me, except this week. I love the red dress, it’s a great color for her!

Her blog is up at People, she and her team talks about the whole process to get her camera ready. I wish they’d talked more about the puppies they were playing with backstage, but I do understand. This is about Erin and her fashion.

So, what did you think of Erin’s look this week?

May 4, 2016 I Written By

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DWTS21 Semi-Finals Fashion Post! Along with a couple more goodies

I still haven’t been able to see the whole semi-finals episode, I had a child related commitment, and missed most of the first hour. It’s okay, I thought, I have the DVR set to record every episode, I’ll just watch the next day! Except…. Kids had been hitting that record button to record things they will never get around to going back and watching, and there wasn’t enough space, so NONE of it recorded! They “got” to sit down after school and delete everything they’ve recorded on the DVR that they aren’t going to go back and watch, because there was NO WAY I was willing to not have next week recorded.  My satellite provider isn’t one of the chosen ones that will allow me to watch the show on the abc website the next day, so I don’t really want to comment much on the show itself, until after the finals when they finally release it so EVERYONE can watch. *sigh* Unless someone has a solution so that I can watch what I missed?

So, on to FASHION!

Erin’s blog is up over at People. I do like the white dress, and it did look good on her, but considering how much she moves around from one end of the ballroom to another, and up and down stairs, it MAY not have been the best choice, in my opinion.

Carrie Ann’s blog is up over at Parade, and you can find the discussion over here. I really liked her look this week! It was a good look for her.

Julianne’s blog is up over at  InStyle. She looked really great this week, but anytime she wears her hair so straight and sleek, I always miss the texture that she normally has. And personally, I prefer less make up, but she did look stunning, even if it may not be one of my top choices.

Who was your best dressed this week? Read more..

November 19, 2015 I Written By

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How about some happy mindless fluff now? It’s this week’s DWTS FASHION POST!

I debated with myself about whether or not we should just skip this post this week, after everything that has happened. Obviously, I figured out that everyone here may need some happy mindless fluff right now. And I know that our sweet Vogue is hurting right now, and she loves the fashion posts. Vogue, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. If you need us, we’re here for you.

I’m sorry that Alexa and Mark were eliminated, she’s a very sweet woman, and she’s become a great dancer, and Mark has been instrumental in helping her grow in her self confidence and self worth. I don’t know how I feel about her being allowed to come back in though, because I can imagine just what will happen in social media. *Note to self, STOP LOOKING AT SOCIAL MEDIA FOR A WHILE!

I’m sorry that Tamar is so ill, and I hope she is able to heal completely. I know how much she wanted to stay, but her health needs to be first, and I’m glad that she is doing what she needs to be healthy. I’m glad that she and Val have finally managed to bond and gel.

I’m sorry (for me) that this season has churned out as much drama as it has so far. I’ve watched the show long enough that I will stick by it until they kill it completely.

Short and sweet!

I urge you to go and read Carrie Ann’s weekly post over at Parade, I’m not bringing anything else here, because my happy, mindless fluffy post ended up not being so happy and mindless. She talks a LOT about all of it. What did you think of her dress this week? I’m on the fence.

Julianne’s back with her fashion blog over on Instyle. I must admit, I was very surprised that her dress color was a shade of green while watching the show, probably just the lighting. Seeing photos of it, I liked it much better. And it does seem to suit her.

And lastly, People has Erin’s fashion blog. She definitely looked great this week!

Which is your favorite? I think….. Erin’s hair and Julianne’s dress.

November 12, 2015 I Written By

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