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The New Dancing with the Stars 2009 Dances

Okay well it seems as if there is some controversy over the new dances that are being added to the mix this year. So I decided to try and get some more information for those of us who aren’t familiar with these particular dances. The only one of these that falls into the list of “traditional” ballroom dance is the Bolero and it is in the American Rhythm category.

Let’s start with the Charleston. It was developed in the early 1920’s and it turns out that the Lindy Hop was developed from the Charleston. It can be danced in a partnership, in a group, or as a solo. Check out this website with instructions for the steps from the 20‘s. Also take a look at this dance with Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers.

Next, let’s take a look at the Bolero. Originally from Spain, this is the only traditional ballroom dance. Wikipedia mentions that this dance is different from the other American Rhythm dances because it requires Cuban motion, the rise and fall of the waltz, as well as the contra body movement of the tango. The videos that I found on Youtube reminded me of the Rumba. What do you think?

Okay next on our list is the Lambada, the “Forbidden Dance.” From Brazil, a couple of the forerunners of this dance are the salsa and the merengue. It is very fast-paced. Everything that I’ve seen makes it look like this will be definitely be one of the sexiest, hottest dances of the season. There are some instructional videos on Youtube that you should check out but I wanted you to see a dance.

The last of the new dances is the two step. Now there are a few kinds of two step,
nightclub, country, and ballroom. To me these all of these seem a lot alike and remind me of the Foxtrot. This video is of Lacey’s father Buddy teaching the nightclub two step. I thought it would be fun to see where she got her moves

Okay so now that we know a little more about these dances let’s talk about them. Can the pros handle these? Well, I have a feeling Lacey will be able to do the two step since her father developed it. Now the question is will that give her an unfair advantage? I personally don’t think so. All of these dances contain steps and movements that are familiar to other dances used in previous seasons. The Charleston contains elements of the quickstep and may be a “kiss of death” dance like the quickstep seems to be. The Lambada may be too spicy to get votes from some people but may be a very memorable dance that draws a ton of votes…we’ll have to see. The others are a lot like other dances and that might be a vote killer too. If a couple does a Rumba one week and a Bolero the next…people might not vote thinking ‘this isn’t new, I just saw this.’

Now, I know that most of you are not looking forward to these new dances but now that we know a little more would you choose to keep any of them? I’m excited for the “Forbidden Dance” myself. I have to wonder though, will any of the older dances be replaced by the new ones? I loved all the dances from last season and don’t want to see them go-especially the Paso. In the end, I think that maybe these dances were added because there are SO MANY couples this season. Hate the added dances or love ‘em but it’s gonna be a great season. It’s time to get those dancing shoes on!

August 26, 2009 I Written By

Top 3 Things I Wish They’d Change on DWTS Season 9

1. Samantha
We’ll just get this one out of the way. It’s been said that she is one of those people that you either love or hate and I agree. I just think that it’s time to find someone who everyone can love…and who doesn’t annoy me. 🙂

2.The Extra Couples
Okay I know some people are probably excited about the extra celebs and that most of the pros will be featured…but I think that it’s just too much. I would think that it would be harder to get votes…of course I might be wrong.

3. Group Dances
I want to see more! I know there have been rumors (thanks to Heidi and the pros’ Tweets) about a group dance in week 1 and I hope so!  The reason that I personally like the group dances is that it gives me insight on which celebrity is the better dancer. Does this mean that I’ll vote for the best dancer? Not necessarily but I like to know if I voting for skill or popularity.

Now I want to know…what do you want to see changed this season? Do you like the celeb/pro pairings? Is there something you just really hate? Do you disagree with me? I can’t wait to hear from you!

August 25, 2009 I Written By

Top 5 Things I Can’t Wait to See on DWTS Season 9

A Note from John: This is the first post for Tabitha. So, we want to welcome Tabitha to the Pure DWTS family. As you’ll soon find from this post she’s a real fan of DWTS. Enjoy!

1. The Paso-Doble
This dance just gets me every time. It doesn’t matter if it’s performed great or if just stinks. It always gets my heart going pitter-patter. The passion, the anger, the “kill” at the end…definitely my favorite.

2. The New Dances (Charleston, Bolero, Lambada, and the Two-Step)
I’ve heard of all of these but I’m not completely familiar with most of these dances. I can’t wait to see what choreography the pros will come up with though.

3. The Costumes
Okay, I know that they can be a little strange sometimes but aren’t we all secretly waiting to see just how crazy and umm revealing they are? Is someone going to rip their shirt off or wear bright red silk or almost have a “wardrobe malfunction?” It’s part of the fun.

4. The Premiere
Nothing else compares to that first night…except maybe the Finale.

5. The First Celebrity to Be Voted Off
Not one of the pros or the celebrities want this…but it has to be someone. And let me say with 16 couples maybe it’s a good thing that they go.

Ok, what are you most excited to see on the next season of Dancing with the Stars?

August 24, 2009 I Written By