PureDWTS 10th Anniversary Special – Who Do You Hope to See Back?

After much speculation (and a lot of questions!) we now know that the 10th Anniversary Special is taping this coming Tuesday, April 21, and will air on April 28  May 7 (or May 14, depending on who you ask).  What we aren’t so positive on is who will be returning to dance – Deep Throat has confirmed that Kelly & Alfonso will be participating, and thanks to Claire for the heads-up on this interesting post to Emmitt’s charity auction. So who else might we see? And who do we Pure girls want to see? Read on…

ETA1: Ok, got some new info that clarifies the format of the anniversary special a bit.  Apparently the list of returning celebs is MASSIVE; HOWEVER – not everyone returning is going to be performing individually.  Most of them are going to be performing in groups, and they’re doing brand new dances.  For example – a bunch of the NFL players are going to be performing together (squeeeee!!!) and so far, it’s definitely going to be Emmitt, Kurt Warner, Jacoby, and Donald…and there may be more 😀 Not gonna lie – about crashed my car when I got that text from Deep Throat.  I would guess that their respective pros are going to be performing with them. Now with that knowledge under our belts, I’m guessing that Kristi, Katherine (yes, I know she’s pregnant, but she’s on the list), Chelsea, and Sadie may be performing as a group with Mark.  As far as Deep Throat knows right now, the only couples dancing individually are Kelly & Val, Alfonso & Witney, and Meryl & Maks. 

ETA2: Guess I need to clarify a few things so that this post does not become a royal pain in my ass 🙂 First: I HAVE INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, ETC. TOO.  If Melissa & Tony confirm they’re in, I will see it, and I will get around to posting it WHEN I’M NO LONGER ASLEEP.  Repeatedly tweeting me and commenting here will not make it go any faster.  Second: I mentioned above that the list of returning celebs is HUGE.  The list below isn’t comprehensive, it was just what DT could remember off the top of his/her head.  There is NO USE in getting bent outta shape about your favorite not being included (yet) – there is definitely more that what we have here.  BREATHE. Three: some of you have tweeted me with some pretty flimsy findings that supposedly confirm that so-and-so is in or whatnot.  Unless a celeb states “I’m going to be on the anniversary special” or I get confirmation from Deep Throat, they’re not going on the “confirmed” list.  I added a new section for “random chatter” where I might post things like that, if I find them relevant.  Fourth: Don’t be that annoying person that continually DM’s myself, Heidi, Vogue, or John begging to know if [insert celeb or pro here] is coming back for the special.  All we know right now is posted here, and we’ll share more if we hear more.  Fifth: hearing conflicting reports about when the special is airing – it’s either the 7th or 14th.  At this point, all I care is that it’s NOT THIS WEEK…

ETA3: More names confirmed for the big NFL players group dance.  Also: Anna will be performing in it, so she is back.

ETA4: Per Deep Throat, 3 of Derek’s former partners and 3 of Mark’s former partners are all dancing together (with Derek & Mark) in a “bromance”-themed dance.  Sadie may have an individual dance.

ETA5: In yet another scheduling shakeup, Anniversary Special will now air next Tuesday, Apr. 28; first results show is pushed to the following Tuesday, May 5.  Single elim in week 7; double elim moved to week 8. Discuss.

Confirmed for 10th Anniversary Special:

Kelly Monaco & Val (season 15 All-Stars, 3rd place) – doing their paso doble and/or their surfer flamenco
Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney (season 19 champions) – doing their salsa
Meryl Davis & Maks (season 18 champions) – some individual dance
Emmitt Smith (season 3 champion) – NFL player group dance
Jacoby Jones (season 16, 3rd place) – NFL player group dance
Kurt Warner (season 11, 5th place) – NFL player group dance
Donald Driver (season 14 champion) – NFL player group dance
Jerry Rice (season 2 runner-up) – NFL player group dance
Michael Irvin (season 9, 7th place) – NFL player group dance
Hines Ward (season 12 champion) – NFL player group dance
Chelsea Kane (season 12, 3rd place) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Kristi Yamaguchi (season 6 champion) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Katherine Jenkins (season 14 runner-up) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Sadie Robertson (season 19 runner-up) – individual dance (?)
Maria Menounos (season 14, 4th place) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Amber Riley (season 16 champion) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Amy Purdy (season 18 runner-up) – Derek/Mark “bromance” group dance
Chelsie Hightower – not sure who she’s dancing with or what they’re doing, but she confirmed she’ll be back
Anna Trebunskaya – dancing in the NFL players group dance (and possibly others)
Melissa Rycroft & Tony (season 8, 3rd place; season 15 All-Stars champions) – Tony confirmed on Instagram; I’m guessing they’re doing an individual dance

Confirmed as not involved:

Shawn Johnson (season 8 champion, season 15 All-Stars runner-up) – knee injury
Zendaya (season 16 runner-up) – had other commitments in NYC, per her mom

Random chatter – take with a grain of salt:

Bill Engvall – tweeted this the other day – see Emma’s response further down
Margaret Cho – could be her in the background of this Instagram pic posted by Allison
Janel Parrishwill be at the show – but unclear if she’s actually dancing or will just be in the audience Read more..