Pure Dancing With The Stars 2016 Emmy Nomination Predictions

Coming up on Thursday, July 14th, is the nominations for the 2016 Emmy Awards. Question: Which dances or performances from Dancing With The Stars do you think should be nominated? Keep in mind that ALL of Dancing With The Stars Season 21 and Season 22 are eligible for an Emmy Award (May 2nd was the deadline, but, we think there are exceptions to the rule for shows and performances that take place until May 31st). So, we’re assuming all of season 22 is eligible, but we could be wrong?). If you’d like to read the rules and procedures for the 2016 Emmy Awards, you can do so at Emmys.com. So, with all that said, let us know in comments for which dances you think should be nominated. You can also include dances and performances from other TV shows or specials if you like. Below are our predictions: Read more..