Jenny McCarthy Says Dancing With The Stars Better Talk The Walk Or Walk The Talk

Last summer, it was reported that the producers of Dancing With The Stars were looking for “a-List” celebrities to dance on the show instead of “gimmicky” d-list stars. Yesterday, Jenny McCarthy spoke out about it to The Hollywood Reporter when she commented about the possibility of doing reality television and Dancing With The Stars…

….when asked about the chances of ever seeing her on Dancing With the Stars, McCarthy seemed amused but firm.

“They ask me every year, and I just can’t do it,” she says. “I tell them why: You guys keep saying every year you’re going to get A-List people and then it’s the girl that was with George Clooney… They better talk the walk or walk the talk — whatever that saying is.”

Personally, I thought Jenny sounded a little arrogant, but, oh how she’d make a hot partner for Derek Hough with her beautiful matching blonde hair and steel blue eyes? Also, wasn’t Kirstie Alley an “a-lister”? David Arquette could be considered an “a-lister” too, couldn’t he? Penny for your thoughts.

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