Random DWTS Trivia: Thor Does the Samba???!!

It’s a slooooowwww news day in DWTS land, so how bout a little random tidbit of DWTS trivia to keep us all entertained…and possibly titillated? 😉

I think we all know that doing DWTS in the States can revive a slumping career, or kick-star a new one…but the same apparently holds true for international versions of DWTS.  Case in point? Looky who was shakin’ his hips on the Australian version a little over 5 years ago…

Yes, chirren, that is none other than Chris Hemsworth – probably best known Stateside as Thor.  Samba-ing his very toned tush to “Jump in the Line (Shake Senora)” by Harry Belafonte.  I think my ovaries just exploded.

Who would have thought that 5 years later, he’d be making hearts palpitate on the silver screen…as the Norse god of Thunder?


Happy Hump Day, ladies.  🙂