Louis Van Amstel Talks On New Set Planned For Dancing With The Stars 13, Ballroom Battle, And More!

This last weekend, Louis Van Amstel travelled back to Salt Lake City, Utah to teach more La Blast classes as well as working on the new “Ballroom Battle” segment for Dancing With The Stars. On “Ballroom Battle”, Louis had to choose two young dancers (one girl and one boy) from eight. He had a difficult time choosing since he’s seen them grow up. There were a lot tears shed at the end of the try outs. Be sure to read in more detail at his Facebook account.

Also, while in Utah, Louis helped to host a morning show on ABC 4. He told the other hosts and viewers that he hopes to be on the new Season. He said he and the pros chosen (12 in all) for the show will find out in two weeks. They also talked on the current cast rumors (Snooki, Rob Kardashian, etc). Louis also mentions there will be a brand new set for Dancing With The Stars 13. He hasn’t seen it yet, but, he liked the last one because it was intimate. He said the producers wanted a “change”. You can watch the interview >>>>HERE.

Wow, so many changes for this upcoming Season. So, how do you feel about a new set? I think it sounds fun. We’ll see? I’m also so curious about “Ballroom Battle”. I keep wondering how they will fit it into the show since the show is jammed packed as it is?