PureDWTS Season 26 – Who Would You Like to See on DWTS Junior? Court Picks Pros & Celebs

So we’re still over 6 months away from the premiere of Dancing with the Stars Junior next spring, but given that any show with minors seems to take quite a bit more planning, I’m guessing the casting directors are already wheeling & dealing on who they want on the show – after all, they’re not just casting potential celebs, but pros too…and apparently a host, as well, as Tom has said he will not be hosting the spinoff. Alfonso, you still lurking around set? 😉 We need a host, bruh. My gut’s still telling me that Maks will somehow land on the judging panel, and I guess I can only hope that being a father himself with have softened him a bit…I don’t think I could bear a whole season of him being as big a jerk as he was guest judging switch week on DWTS.  And to kids, no less 😯

I had mixed feelings upon hearing about the spinoff – and if I’m being honest, my feelings are still pretty mixed – but at the very least, I think having a brand new set of pros, judges, and celebs (and perhaps a bit of a new format, to accommodate the unique nature of casting kids) might give me a bit of a reprieve from the manipulative grind of the regular DWTS. And the fact that all of the pros are gonna be brand new? Makes it hard for producers to play favorites 🙂 But I do worry about seeing young kids face rejection on national television, especially after seeing young kids cut on World of Dance this summer…I just hope the producers know they have to handle them far more gently than they do the adults on DWTS.

So all that being said – who do I want to see as pros and celebs on the show? Well, given that they haven’t really specified what the age range will be, I am gonna guess that anyone under the age of 18 is probably going to be eligible to be a pro or a celeb partner – similar to the competitive ballroom world, where 18 is more or less the cutoff for dancing in the youth division, and then they make you just start doing adult amateur events. Yes, I’m aware that Willow Shields was only 14 when she did the regular version of the show – but if we cut it off at 14, we actually lose some potentially good pro and celeb choices, and I don’t think the show is going to be able to afford to be THAT picky.  So 18’s my cut-off, and all of my picks won’t turn 18 during the airing of the show, either.  I was also realistic – I doubt we’re gonna see the children/siblings of any huge, A-list celebs on DWTSJ.  So yeah – no Jolie-Pitts and the like on this list.  I listed celebrity children that I think the show actually stands a chance of possibly getting.

I find myself caring more about the pros than the celebrity contestants (although there’s two celebs that I’ve already picked out pro partners for… 😉 ), but I had a good time compiling this list nonetheless.  Let me know what you think 😉 Read more..