You, our readers, never cease to amaze me with the great ideas you come up with 😀 After someone mentioned in another thread that some of the Strictly Come Dancing fans had a sort of food & drink recipe exchange, some of you suggested a “PureDWTS Cookbook” – so thus this weekly edition was born! We’re hoping to give you guys a new DWTS-themed recipe each weekend, so we can all enjoy some tasty snacks & refreshing drinkables together during the show on Monday night.  And we need your help – send us your DWTS-themed recipes at courtney@puredwts.com and each week, me, Heidi, & Vogue will pick one or two to share.  The sky is really the limit with this one, kids – recipes can be appetizers, desserts, main courses, breads, even cocktails! The only rule is that it somehow has to be DWTS-related – either to one of the pros, the celebs this season, the judges, the dances themselves, etc.  Get creative! Here are some suggestions to get your kitchen mojo working…

*Dance-themed dishes – it’s your interpretation of the dances, with food & drink as the medium.  What might a samba casserole look like? How ’bout a foxtrot pie? Or a tango party punch? 🙂

*Dishes from the celebs’ & pros’ hometowns – how ’bout some traditional Greek & Boston-themed recipes for Maria? Some good ol’ “soul food” recipes for our Empress of Soul, Gladys? Even some cheese-filled dishes for Donald the Packer!

*Recipes that correspond to the theme week – maybe some popcorn balls for movie theme week? Or a sinful chocolate dessert for “guilty pleasure” week? We don’t know all the theme weeks yet, but keep an eye out as they’re released, and send us some fun ideas 😉

So now that we’ve got your creative juices flowing, we want your ideas for Rock Week recipes! We’d like to get them posted Sunday, so that everyone has a chance to go to the grocery store to get the necessary ingredients for Monday night 🙂 So ready…set…COOK!