PureDWTS Season 19 Mini-Spoiler O’ the Day – Sept. 7

Trying not to start this post out on a sour note (especially since it’s NFL Sunday and that makes me happy!), but a bit of a PSA given some of the tones of the comments I’ve been seeing in the past week or so: try not to be a Debbie Downer, mmmmkay? We realize that not everyone is as thrilled with the show as we are, and that’s ok – but if you see that everyone here is excitedly discussing this season’s cast and who their favorite is, do you really need to (or feel it’s appropriate to) butt in and throw something out like “Psssh, this season’s cast is lame and I’m not watching!” It’s kind of like being at a party and walking up to a group of people talking about their favorite Michael Jackson song, and saying (without being solicited to do so) that “Michael Jackson sucks.” It’s a buzzkill.  Don’t be a buzzkill, k? It’s not about suppressing your opinions – it’s about finding the right way (and time, and place) to express them.  CBS cares 🙂

Now that we’ve got that business out of the way, on with the spoilers!!! Read more..