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DWTS 11, Week 4 – The Two Young Standouts, Per GMA

Need another video teaser for tonight? Good Morning America did a great spread on Audrina Partridge and Kyle Massey this morning!!

For a young guy, Kyle sure is wise imo and full of class. Check out what he says on being too young and see if you agree.

October 11, 2010 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

DWTS 11, Week 3 – Media Roundup After The Results

Lots of media and news tidbits coming your way. First up, Heidi and I found some  things on Maks. He was interviewed by E Online after the show. During the interview, he expresses how upset he is by Carrie Anne trying  to smack him and criticizing him for his teaching techniques on Monday night’s show. Here is some of what he says….

“It’s an absurdly disrespectful thing for her to even think of doing,” the pro hoofer told us earlier today. “Is she crazy? She’s not my mother.”
Just the thought of Carrie Anne being Maks’ mother. Ewww, I wish he had not went there. lol  When asked if he is as hard on Brandy as the video appeared, he said….
“Nobody feels disrespected, nobody feels mistreated, and certainly I’m not an abusive person.”
He also expresses his discouragement with the judging this year which I totally agree with…
I’m discouraged because there’s absolutely no consistency. I don’t understand how the scores are being done. I don’t understand why some couples are being kept on the show. I mean, there were other couples yesterday that literally put their heart and soul into it and did a much better job than they got scored. I just feel it’s a little bit unreasonable. Some people get praised for minimal and certain people get put down while having put out a lot more than others. Something’s off.
Read more details in this interview HERE. Also, these two videos shed some light for what Maks is trying to do with Brandy and more on their relationship HERE and HERE. Maks’ brother Val makes an appearance in the first video. You can tell Maks is so proud.
The Daily Mail had a nice article and pictures of he and Tony too this week. You can see them celebrating their scores and out on the town HERE.  Below is one of the cute photos included with the article.
In other dancing bits today, someone is getting “orgasmic” over the show and it’s none other than Barbara Walter’s! Yes, you heard that right. It appears she has a crush on Kurt Warner.  lol
Barbara Walters was beside herself after seeing Kurt Warner dance on DWTS this week and told her co-hosts that she had a major crush on the former pro quarterback.  “I fell in love,” she said during her Dancing with the Stars review Tuesday. “I fell in love with a former football player named Kurt Warner. This man could be a movie star. Look at him! He practiced with his two little girls, how to be ‘delicate,’ he said.”
Barbara Walters also inserts foot in mouth when she assumes Margaret Cho is “openly gay”. Just because someone wants to stand up for homosexuals, does it mean they are gay? I sure don’t think so. You can see a video HERE and read more from what happened on The View and her thoughts on Kurt Warner on Wednesday’s show HERE.
Last night, Florence Henderson guessed on “Leno”. Fun, quirky, and full of heart as always, she discussed the show and the grueling practices. She also puts Bruno in his place by saying he was having “PMS” when he critisized Michael Bolton. lol
Was Bruno too harsh on him?” asked host Jay Leno. Florence tried to be even-handed in her reply. First, she stood up for Tonioli’s actions. “Judges are judges,” she said. “You gotta take the criticism.” But then, Henderson smirked and said this: “I do think Bruno may have had a little PMS that night.” Ouch!
You can see a video HERE. As for the producers? They are standing by Bruno all the way which frankly I don’t understand.
Just don’t hold your breath waiting for that apology, Michael. … As reported by ‘People’ magazine, the show’s producers are backing Tonioli.
In a statement Wednesday they said that “Bruno’s role as a judge is to give his honest opinions on the quality of the dances he’s judging, which is what he did in this case.” Ouch.

The producers then piled on the misery for Bolton: “While we respect the feelings of our celebrities and dancers … we don’t feel Bruno should be expected to apologize for doing his job.”

If they want more celebrities (or non celebrities :p ) in the future to dance, I think they need to rethink their priorities. Just sayin’. More HERE.
Speaking of future contestants, Sarah Palin was asked yesterday if she would ever join the cast. Here’s what she said….
When asked by an audience member if she would ever join the cast, Palin laughed and said she would have to translate her basketball skills to the dance floor. “They would have to let me dribble back and forth and maybe pivot and do a jump shot or something as part of the routine,” she said. “In fact, when Bristol said, ‘I don’t know how to dance,’ I told her, just think of it as learning some basketball plays.”
Also, did you know Sarah Palin’s husband’s Todd was asked to dance? I really hope the DWTS execs aren’t going to continue this path. I think most fans out there want real celebrities?
Did Todd Palin turn down a spot on “Dancing With The Stars”? Sarah Palin let slip Tuesday that the show’s producers had wanted her husband to be a contestant – but she didn’t say if he was sought out instead of her daughter Bristol, who is currently appearing on the show and narrowly advanced to the fourth week of competition last night.
And that’s not all in “Palin” news, watch out… Bristol is throwing her conservative costumes to the winds and promising to get “sexy” next week for her and Mark’s dance. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I say GOOD!! I’d really like to see Bristol let loose.  I hope she does it….and I mean REALLY DOES IT! Read on…
“We’re doing the sexy dance next week, and I have to get into character,” she says. “Dressing sexy will help me get into character more. Next week, I’ll be dressing sexy. This is it.”
More HERE.
In the Tony Dovolani Camp this week, he says he is feeling “rejuvenated” more than ever this year with his new partner Audrina Patridge which I can feel, can you? He says…
“I’m so happy I can’t tell you. It’s very refreshing after 10 seasons to feel this way. With Audrina, I just feel rejuvenated, I enjoy choreographing for her. We laugh all day.”

On Kate Gosselin he says…

“Oh, even with Kate, I don’t think it was that bad,” says Dovolani, who’s widely considered a nice guy – but did, at one point, temporarily walk off the Gosselin job when she kept questioning his teaching. He adds, “As long as I have somebody who is driving, who wants it really badly, whatever they lack in talent, I can always make them dance.”

But with Audrina, everything is going better. “You know she has no dance background – no performance background – since she’s from a reality show. She came to me as raw as they get. But the thing is, she goes into it headfirst. The way she approaches things – she never gets angry, never gets frustrated with herself, just keeps going ahead. Nothing comes easy to her, but the way she approaches her learning is really amazing. She’s like a sponge, no inhibitions. She doesn’t hold back. She trusts me completely as a teacher. And I feel like I have a real dance partner. It’s not just dancing with a celebrity.”

To read more on their family support, etc., go HERE! If you want to see him showing off his WAXED LEGS, getting them waxed, etc., you can see them HERE. I think I’ll pass if that’s ok.

One more mention, it appears the exposure for Rick Fox on Dancing With The Stars is helping his career as he just landed a new job as a “Guest Analyst” for NBA TV on TNT. His first appearance will be this upcoming Sunday. You can read about his new Gig HERE. Here is mention where he talks on his DWTS experience thus far and a casting suggestion for the show in the future…

Fox calls his dancing experience so far “intense.” He said: “We’ve been going at this for about six weeks, and I can recall maybe one or two days where I’ve had a sense of relaxation, not only physically but mentally. The stress has been there since Day 1.”

He also said he had never considered himself a good dancer. “At parties, I’d be the 6-7 guy who wanted to be a fly on the wall. I’ve had to conquer that fear and force myself to perform.”

Fox said that since he’s working for the national network now and not the Laker network, he has to learn to change his focus. “It’s the NBA as a whole now,” Fox said. “This takes me out of my homer status.”

And Fox has a casting suggestion for “Dancing With the Stars”: Charles Barkley.

“I think Charles would do great on the show,” Fox said. “I think he could dance. And it’s a great way to lose weight. We’ve heard Charles is down over 40 pounds. He could finish off by dancing.”

So, Charles, what do you think? Samba time?

Ok, that’s it for now Folks. Be sure to tell us what you think. Until next time. lol

October 7, 2010 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.