PureDWTS Guest Blog: The Basics Of Contemporary And Jazz

What an awesome new Guest Blog by Kaitlyn!! Being Kaitlyn has trained in Contemporary and Jazz, she thought she’d go over the basics for us….especially since Dancing With The Stars has been reaching for other kinds of dancing styles besides ballroom these past few seasons and since some of the couples have had to do a Contemporary dance during week 1. So, without further ado, below is Kaitlyn. She also has some fun questions for us to answer at the end. 😉 Ok, read on…

The Basics Of Contemporary And Jazz

Most of us regular viewers of Dancing with the Stars are familiar at this point with the basics of each of the 10 dances and the few that they add in once in a while (Argentine Tango, Salsa, Mambo, ect). I spent 15 years as what we like to call a “studio dancer”, meaning that I trained and danced competitively in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, ect (think Dance Moms minus the yelling and screaming and having dancers pinned against one another), so I’m actually more familiar with the new “regular” dances that they’ve added, contemporary and jazz, than I am with the ballroom dances. Read more..