Cher Interviewed On Judging And Performing On Dancing With The Stars, Career Tribute Planned

I’m so excited about Cher judging and performing on Dancing With The Stars. I’ve always loved her. As a kid growing up in the 70’s, I remember being so hooked on she and Sonny in their variety show together and then later The Cher Show (if you don’t think she can dance or knows something about dancing, do a You Tube search on both variety shows). Remember how she use to flip her hair? lol Anyway, interviewed her about her judging and singing gig next week on Dancing With The Stars. Note too how the article says Dancing With The Stars will play tribute to her “decades-long” music career!

No one was more stunned than Cher when she recently found out Dancing with the Stars will pay tribute to her decades-long music career on the Nov. 4 show.

“It’s always strange when people do something like this. You’re not thinking about those kinds of things,” she tells PEOPLE. “It just always takes me by surprise. It just does.”

Cher will sing her hit “Believe” and her new song “Closer To The Truth” on the show, as well as serve as a guest judge, but won’t be dancing because of a foot injury she sustained years ago. “I am waiting to have an operation,” she says. “The doctor got a little crankier and said I have to do it.”

Even if she could dance today, you won’t find Cher dancing on DWTS as a contestant. “Aren’t I old enough now not to be a contestant anymore?” the singer, 67, says. “Haven’t I got past the contestant part?”

More at . She discusses Chaz too and his dramatic weight loss!

ETA: Here is more info on Cher, the tribute, and the dances planned for next week.

ETA2: If you go to Entertainment Weekly, you can watch a video of some of the cast talking about Cher and how they feel about her being on the show next week. They are excited to say the least. lol