DWTS POLLS: Your Favorite Dancer And Best Dancer To Place 2nd On Dancing With The Stars (VOTE)

So, after Dancing With The Stars Season 13 ended, we took two new Polls to see who your “favorite” and “best” 1st place winners were to ever dance on Dancing With The Stars which you can view here. Interesting enough, out of 1,169 total votes polled and as of now, Kristi Yamaguchi won in the “Favorite” 1st Place Winners category with 251 votes. J.R Martinez and Emmitt Smith tied for 2nd with 163 votes and Jennifer Grey won 3rd place with 131 votes. In the 1st Place “Best” Dancer Winners category and with a total of 1,051 fans polled, Kristi Yamaguchi won with 449 votes with Nicole Scherzinger placing 2nd with 323 votes. J.R. Martinez placed 3rd with 68 votes. What do you think? Any surprises or disappointments?

So, for fun and as promised, let’s see how you feel on your “favorite” and “best” dancers to ever win 2nd Place on Dancing With The Stars. Please VOTE in our new Polls below and don’t forget to also tell us how your voted in the comments section too if interested. Thanks always for your participation and making this all so fun!! 😉