Vote for Your Favorites in the DWTS13 End-of-Season Awards!

It’s time once again to vote for your favorites/least favorites in our semiannual end-of-season awards! While Heidi & I’s cheesecake awards are more humorous (and just bestowed by she & I), this is a chance for you guys to weigh in on the bests and worsts of this past season, and for us to be a bit more serious.  To see examples of past award winners, check out the results of the season 11 & 12 end-of-season awards.

Of course, there are some guidelines before you vote.  Keep in mind that we tried to pick the most likely candidates for each category – ones that we felt most of you would probably pick, if asked.  There is no point in listing a dance like Ron & Peta’s cha-cha as a candidate for best dance of the season 😛 However, if your pick for a certain award is not listed, there is an “other” box that you can chose and write-in your own nomination.  But be warned: if I cannot read what you wrote, I’m not even gonna bother counting it.  Spell check, kids 🙂 And if you write in something that’s already been listed as one of the choices, I’m throwing your vote out on principle alone – kind of like those tests that sees if you read all the instructions before proceeding.  Things were a bit less chaotic for last season’s awards than for season 11’s, but I still got quite a few badly misspelled, grammatically confusing, and downright incoherent answers that I had to throw out.  For the sake of my sanity, kids – at least try to make your choices clear 😉  That said, VOTE AWAY! We’ll give you guys a week or two to get your votes in, and then we’ll reveal the results at a later date.