Dolly Parton On Doing Dancing With The Stars: “ARE YOU INSANE!?”

LOL! Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love Dolly Parton? I ran onto this cute interview yesterday where Dolly dishes on her new movie part with Queen Latifah in “Joyful Noise” soon to be released in theatres January 13th. In the new interview with The Boot, Dolly talks about her dancing parts in the movie. While doing so, they mention doing Dancing With The Stars. Check it out for what she says and how she reacts. So cute!

There is some choreography in ‘Joyful Noise’ and for the first time, you’ve added dance routines to your Better Day world tour. Are we going to see a more dancing from you in the future?
Oh yeah, that was the same choreography that I did in ‘Joyful Noise.’ Michele Lynch, who did the choreography for the movie, helped with the staging on the whole little show where I did ‘River Deep, Mountain High.’ I did a few little slides and a few little things that were out of the ordinary for my fans to see, which they seemed to really enjoy and love! But that was the scariest and the worst part — me trying to dance!

I’m just like Steve Martin in that movie, ‘The Jerk.’ I’m just that white trash, offbeat … it was so hard for me to try to dance with these people that just jump out of the womb, hit the floor and go into a song and dance routine. Here I am just trying to keep up! So, that was the hard part.

So, no ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for you?
Oh no! They have tried to get me on that ever since it started, even before this movie, and I said, “ARE YOU INSANE!?” [laughs]

You would be amazing!
Nooo! I would be amazing all right, but not in the right way!

I bet Dolly would be better at dancing on Dancing With The Stars than she gives herself credit for. Afterall, she has the entertainment and likable factor is spades. Below is a video of her dancing to ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ and be sure to read more on Dolly and her new movie “Joyful Noise” at The Boot.

And here’s a little Dancing With The Stars flashback for those interested. Thanks to Codebear4.