DWTS Season 18: Things That Make You Go “Hmmmm….” James Maslow

As you may have seen, Vogue earlier reported that Peta was out on the town with James Maslow of Big Time Rush (and Nickelodeon). In what may be a case of EPIC denial, his fans are all claiming/hoping/praying that he was only out with her because DWTS starts next month and “maybe they’re partners.” I, of course, got a chuckle out of this because in the past I’ve seen way too many fangirls desperately hoping DWTS was the explanation and not just a good, old fashioned DATE. 🙂

But since I laughed, an interesting thing happened. Julz Tocker followed a couple of the girls who were speculating that James was going to be on DWTS. For me, that elevated this to a “Hmmmm…” post. NOT saying he’s going to be on the show, just saying that I want to put it out there as a huge speculation or minor possibility. This isn’t even a rumor at this point. Honestly, I doubt it because Peta would be foolish to be seen out with her DWTS Partner at least a month before the announcement is made – not to mention that she’s probably not even sure yet she’s getting a partner this season.

But ya know? We’ve seen weirder things happen and we’ve seen things that never happened before happen in the recent past – like a person who is on a show on another network actually make it to DWTS (Amber Riley).

Not to mention that I’m curious to see if certain websites who like to get their news from us (and the Daily Mail) also pick up this story. 😉