Adrianne Haslet-Davis To Make Appearance On Dancing With The Stars

Remember Adrianne Haslet-Davis the professional dancer and instructor who lost part of her left leg in the Boston Marathon bombing? Well, next week, she will dance for the very first time for a show in Vancouver, Canada. Not only that, at some point this season, it sounds like she will be making an appearance on Dancing With The Stars. You can watch Adrianne talking about it in a video at WCVB. Like Amy Purdy, she is a huge inspiration. I love how she says, “It’s not just me I’m fighting for”.

From that, Haslet-Davis said the first ever bionic dance leg that restores the body’s natural movements and patterns was created. She is expected to show how it works at the annual TED Conference, where technology, entertainment and design ideas are shared.

“I had days when I doubted myself and then I thought it’s not just me I’m fighting for,” she said. “There are going to be others. It makes me emotional just thinking about it. There are going to be others who will suffer through this.”

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy for her or her husband, Air Force Capt. Adam Davis, who was also injured during the blast. But, she said, this is hopefully the first of many more dances in her life. After all, we’re all waiting for her TV debut.

When she was asked about possibly appearing on “Dancing With The Stars,” she said, “I know, it’s so exciting. Stay tuned.”

More at WCVB.