PureDWTS Season 27: Bachelorette Runner-Up Blake Horstmann to Dance? Reality Steve Says “No” – But Could it Be Someone Else…?

Ok, so Life & Style mag was claiming that recent Bachelorette runner-up Blake Horstmann was possibly going to be doing DWTS this season – and they basically went through the same social media digging that fans of DWTS have long-since mastered to back up their conclusion:

Fans first starting speculating when Blake followed the DWTS Instagram account on Aug. 22. This, in itself, isn’t really that wild. It’s a popular show, he might just be a fan. However, it turned more suspicious when people began questioning him about it and he seemingly un-followed the page just 30 minutes later, according to some eagle-eyed redditors. The theory is that he got nervous that he gave his casting news away, and tried to backtrack.

Adding fuel to the fire, fans spotted Blake liking all of the comments on his Instagram about how he should join the show. One such comment read, “please go on Dancing with the Stars, you’d be amazing!” and another said, “why don’t you go on Dancing with the Stars?”

The article goes on to say that Blake is actually a pretty good dancer already, yadda yadda yadda.  If you guys are anything like me, this all read more as “wishful thinking” on Blake’s part, and maybe a bit of campaigning, rather than solid evidence.  And Reality Steve confirmed it in a recent “Reader Emails” post:

Dear Steve,

Thank you for always making your recaps satirical and sarcastic! It makes watching BIP a bit less agonizing. I have a few questions about some current casting rumors in bachelor nation.

1. I saw that Blake Horstmann has been posting things about dancing and seemed to be in California during this past week. Is he a likely candidate for DWTS?

Steve: No.

Now Steve has a solid track record with Bachelor/DWTS intel, so if Steve says no – Blake ain’t doin’ DWTS. HOWEVER – I did find Steve’s answer to be a bit abrupt…as if he knew more than he was letting on, but thought he better keep it brief and to-the-point for the time being.  And it turns out my gut feeling was right, because Steve just shared this on Twitter, in response to a tweet from Sharna on Sunday night:

Now I’m not sure that he’s got the partnership right (for reasons I will elaborate on shortly in the Interesting Things on Social Media post), but again, Steve’s track record is pretty solid…so it looks like Bachelorette fan favorite “Grocer” Joe Amabile might be dancing this season? I know nothing about this man, but he seems like he doesn’t t take himself too seriously, and looks like a cross between Darren Criss/Josh Peck/this hot vet I follow on Instagram.  Plus, he was in WeHo as recently as 3 days ago:


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Thoughts? I guess I’m ok with it…brain is too tired to put up much of a fight these days 😛