The Derek Hough In London Mystery…and Dr. Phil?

Out of all the pros on DWTS, Derek Hough is, without question, the one most likely to keep you guessing as to just what in the hell he’s doing at any given moment. I don’t think they make them any tighter lipped than Derek. On  the one hand, I find the discretion/humble-ness/whatever it is very refreshing in terms of both DWTS pros and celebs in general….but as a Derek fan it’s enough to make ya nuts. 🙂  Why is he in London AGAIN, so soon after a mystery project with Peta (one part of which we think is the TV show Red & Black)?  Well, he’s been to Wimbledon, and he’s been to The Brompton Club (see below, courtesy Cozy Cot)….but beyond that, Derek fans haven’t a clue. And he ain’t tellin’ except to say that it’s 3:30 in the morning and he’s watching UFC. 🙂

As for Dr. Phil – well, he’s not in the show promos, but here’s what the Dr. Phil show site says for Wednesday, July 11th:

Hollywood hopefuls Dalia, Nandra, Krissy, Hunter, Justice and Grant continue competing for luxurious prizes, including a new car, performing scholarships, a walk-on role on a major daytime soap opera and six months of free rent at a Los Angeles high-rise. Plus, Dr. Phil makes a house call to set the mothers straight. Do their kids want fame as much as they want it for them? And, do the families have a backup plan? Actress Florence Henderson and Dancing With the Stars great Derek Hough offer their expertise before the kids are put to the ultimate test: a talent show in front of a live studio audience. Watch as the children perform for a panel of celebrity judges — and the winner is revealed! Does anyone crack under the pressure? And, do you agree with the judges’ decision? Watch and weigh in!