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DWTS Season 19 – Rumor Roundup!!!

Greetings from hot & sunny Spring, TX 🙂 I’m actually typing this poolside at my aunt’s house, as I’m on vacation right now – but Vogue & Heidi have been putting in some serious hours on the casting rumors, and as I have the past few seasons, I thought it might be good to work up a good summary post for all the casting rumors that have cropped between the end of last season and right now.  😎

If any new casting rumors pop up between now and the cast announcement next week, I’ll try to update – but at the rate they’ve been flowing these past few days, it might not happen immediately.  Please be patient 🙂

I’ve divided our potential dancers this season into 5 categories: the “legitimate possibilities”, which are rumors that have surfaced within the last week or so (when most casting leaks occur) and come from sources that are generally pretty reliable when it comes to casting leaks; the “long shots”, which are rumors from less-reliable sources, vague tweets, and ambiguous responses from the celebs themselves – basically, rumors that we aren’t really as confident about; the “wannabes/campaigners”, who are celebs who have expressed interest in doing the show (but haven’t actually been reported as a rumor by any reputable outlets); “pure randomness”, which is for random and slightly interesting observations that may or may not indicate a certain celeb’s possible participation in this season – generally, they mean nothing, but we’re adding them here for sh*ts & giggles. 🙂 And then there are the “no’s”, the celebs that have confirmed that they won’t be participating in this season.

Legitimate possibilities:

Andi Dorfman
Randy Couture
Kacy Catanzaro
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Janel Parrish
Lolo Jones
Sadie Robertson
Betsey Johnson
Lea Thompson
Bethany Mota
Jonathan Bennett


Lindsay Lohan
Meagan Tandy
Tommy Chong
Colton Smith
Andy Pettitte
James Storm
Shania Twain
Ashley Gold
Landon Donovan
Tim Howard
Kandi Burress/someone from Bravo
Josh Murray
Sara Evans


Vincent M. Ward
Jane Savoie

Pure Randomness:

Tavis Smiley
Carly Steel
Shemar Moore
Courtney Robertson

The “No’s”:

Jim Kelly


So which rumors are you guys most excited about? Which ones do you think are bogus? Let’s hear it!

August 29, 2014 I Written By

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PureDWTS Watchout: Curiosity And Dreams Never Hurt Anyone

Just some random twitter pics and instagrams peaking my curiosity today. Not that they mean anything, but, hey, just a small ‘just in case’…especially for the future. Yes, I’m desperate, but, they are cool pics never the less, right?

First up, Gleb Savchenko gives Carly Steel an Argentinian Tango lesson. Why? Not sure, but, wouldn’t she be a cool get for Dancing With The Stars now or in the future ….and with Gleb?!


Next, Karina posted this instagram saying, “Well, now that we know @ShemarfMoore can do lifts, who wants to see him on the next season of @dancingabc ?”. Mmmm yes, Karina. A Hot “young and the restless” thought in fact!! 😀

Lastly, our beautiful Sharna Burgess posted this instagram last night with the quote: @celebrityblackcardllc at our @dancingabc gifting suite last season! Looking forward to an amazing season 19!!! #dwts Hmmmm….this is killing me softly, but, it’s ok. ADDING: and speaking of Sharna, is it not awesome Charlie White and Meryl Davis asked her to choreograph a new ice routine for them?! Like when they asked Derek, they know talent when they see it, don’t they?!

So, have you seen anything out there peaking your curiosity? If so, tell us in comments and let us know what you think as always.

That’s all for now. Have a fabulous weekend. xx

August 16, 2014 I Written By

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