Perez Hilton Says Joey Lawrence and “A Lot of Personalities Who Have Done DWTS” Are On Celebrity Big Brother Season 2

I got so wrapped up in former DWTS celebrities doing The Masked Singer that I spaced that Celebrity Big Brother season 2 is kicking off soon…and apparently that show is also borrowing from the former DWTS contestant casting pool, per Perez Hilton:

Sources tell us that Joey Lawrence is “definitely” doing it. And he has not been on any of the spoiler lists thus far.

Joining Joey in the Celebrity Big Brother house will be a lot of personalities who have previously done Dancing With the Stars on ABC.

Given that five of the eleven celebs on CBB season 1 were DWTS alums, it’s not surprising that CBB has dipped into the DWTS pond again – especially since Deena Katz (DWTS casting director) is apparently doing casting for CBB now, too. So begins the speculation – who was on DWTS that isn’t currently up to anything and maybe might need the money/exposure? Ochocinco? Aaron Carter? T.O.? Kate Gosselin? Let’s hear your guesses…