DWTS 13 Casting Rumors That Are Most Likely Not True And Not True For Sure

Heidi’s in a big meeting today and wanted me to gather up some rumors that got shot down yesterday that she saw. I found some too. Unless something changes, you can most likely strike these celebrities off the casting rumors list for Dancing With The Stars 13.

First off, a twitter representing Erica Durance reported that the rumors for her to dance were false. Sorry to our male readers!! I know you will be bummed out. Apparently, Erica is in Miami currently filming a guest spot for the new “Charlie’s Angels” series and her schedule is full.

As you might have read, Snooki finally spoke out and said she won’t be dancing on Dancing With The Stars this season. Many of us our taking huge sigh of relief on this …AGAIN! 😯

One of our new rumors “making us go hmmmm” was Hope Solo yesterday when she tweeted about “facing her fears” and was thinking about doing something she “was really bad at”. Right afterwards, many twitter followers asked her if it was Dancing With The Stars she was considering and encouraged her to do it. Then last night, she tweeted this post making us wonder if it was something else she was considering and not Dancing With The Stars?

For those hoping Evelyn Lozada is going to dance this season, so far, the show hasn’t asked and “she wasn’t picked” even though it was true they have been considering her. You can watch and listen to a video at Hollywood Life of her being interviewed. Below is a quote from the audio….

“I would love to do Dancing with the Stars,” Evelyn gushes. “There was that whole rumor that they were thinking about having me on and I wouldn’t be opposed.”

Evelyn is one of the possible members being considered though. “The rumor is true,” she admits. “I haven’t been picked, but the rumor was true. There was a story. They were talking about potential contestants and I was one of them.”

Lastly, were the producers of Dancing With The Stars considering Perez Hilton for the show? If so, they’ve given Perez a “NO” according to this new audio and he’s “boo hooing”! Too bad. Perez might have been really entertaining…at the same time, he might have been annoying too. lol.

This has been Heidi and Vogue over and out! 😉