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Other Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Cast Rumors

UPDATE: ABC has announced the official Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Cast.

The rumors are really swirling about which stars are going to be on the Dancing with the Stars 2009 cast. ABC has announced that the latest cast on Dancing with the Stars will be unveiled on Sunday Feburary 8th during the primetime shows on ABC. It will also be shown online (per the website). They’re calling it the Dancing with the Stars All Night name drop.

Until Sunday, we might as well talk about all the rumors that are going around. Here’s a look at the various names that I’ve seen mentioned across the internet.

Heidi Klum, model and actress
Heidi Klum Tapes
Steve-O, former Jackass star
Stevie Wonder, singer
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February 3, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Misty May’s Return to Dancing with the Stars

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I recently saw a rumor that Misty May-Treanor would be returning to be a member of the Dancing with the Stars Season 8 cast. Dancing with the Stars fans will certainly remember that Misty May-Treanor had to leave season 7 of Dancing with the Stars due to injury.

How fun would it be for Misty to be able to go back on the show and see how well she’d do. It did feel kind of wrong for her to have to quit because of injury. I personally would like to see Misty’s partner on the show Kerri Walsh. Unfortunately, I found this quote from Kerri talking about Misty’s experience on Dancing with the Stars and whether we’ll get to enjoy Kerri Walsh on Dancing with the Stars also.

“She had so much fun. She only made it two episodes in before she got hurt, and Misty was doing very well prior to this. She was one of the ringers, and she was doing a great job. Her main motivation is to get healthy and go back out there and dance.”

Has Walsh ever thought about being on the show?

“Absolutely not,” Walsh laughed. “Misty’s the brave one. She’s such a ham. She grew up dancing, and she puts herself out there. I’m a little more reserved than that.”

That’s too bad. I’d love to see Kerri Walsh on the show. Why not have a couples Dancing with the Stars and bring on celebrity couples to compete against each other?

Also, rumors that Cindy McCain was going to be on Dancing with the Stars have been reported as not true. Wouldn’t that have been interesting. Ok, not really. I’ve seen enough of McCain to last a lifetime.

January 26, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.