DWTS15 Troupe Update: Dancing In India and Australia, Black Tie Affairs, And More

So, it’s official. Dancing pros Henry Byalikov, Sasha Farber, Sharna Burgess and Emma Slater will all be returning for the new All Star Season of Dancing With The Stars according to their twitter and Facebook accounts. Oksana Dmytrenko hasn’t confirmed, but, I think she’s returning as well being nothing has been said otherwise (let us know if you know more?). Sadly, Kiki Nyemchek will not be returning. It’s going to be interesting to see who fills his spot. Any ideas or wishes? I’d like to suggest Jonathan Platero! More on that in a sec.

In other updates on the Troupe currently. Henry just got back from Australia. He helped with the new season of “Dance Academy ABC” due to air in the middle of 2013. Things are really starting to happen for this fan loving Troupe member. It’s going to be a big year for him. Don’t forget how he helped and is starring in one of the most anticipated movies of 2012 to be released soon “The Great Gatsby”.

Oksana has had a busy summer doing several black tie events. Below she danced a rumba with “So You Think You Can Dance” pro Jonathan Platero to Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams at a recent event. Incredible. Can you see why I think he might be a good replacement for Kiki?

You can also watch Oksana dance at a recent showing with Derek Hough at Pure Derek Hough. They are way steamy and so powerful.

And then there is Sasha Farber and girlfriend, Emma Slater. These past weeks, the two have been lighting up India in their version of Dancing With The Stars. According to Sasha, the episode with them airs this weekend. Check out this cool coverage of them. It’s fun to see Dancing With The Stars catching on in so many countries and how it’s different for the way they compete too.

And, last but, not least, we can’t forget about Sharna Burgess. You can see all of our recent updates with her here. She recaps her summer with us at this link. What a star as recently she also helped kids on skid row have a fun day and get them ready to go back to school. Stay tuned! According to twitter, Sharna will be filming her first commercial. I’ll be curious to see what this is all about.