Dancing With The Stars 12 – ‘Dance Teacher’ Magazine Pays Homage To Tony Dovolani

Dance Teacher Magazine pays tribute to ‘the one and only’ Tony Dovolani this month. He graces the cover. They also interview him as well about his whole life from when he started dancing at age 3 to now. His story is phenomenal. Here is a take but, the link has much more. Fantastic read!!!

Tony may tango with the stars, but he’s got his feet firmly on the ground.

There have been many pinnacle moments in ballroom dancer Tony Dovolani’s career—an Emmy nomination for “Dancing with the Stars,” working on the movie Shall We Dance? and entering a dance business partnership with “DWTS” co-star Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Yet in Dovolani’s mind, one stands out above the rest. It was Labor Day weekend 2005, and he had just snared a first-place finish at the Embassy Ball in Irvine, California. As he watched the American flag being raised in his honor, the charismatic dancer was overcome with emotion. Not only was it his first world championship, but it also marked a major passage for the one-time immigrant.

“I truly felt like I thanked America back for saving my life,” says Dovolani, who emigrated from Kosovo with his family as a teenager. “My dad was there and we shared a smile; we were both teary-eyed because we knew what we’d been through to get to that point. It made me feel like I was worthy of being in this country.”

Six years later, Dovolani is now a staple on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and known worldwide as a celebrity ballroom dancer. But amid all the trappings of fame, he remains down-to-earth, family-oriented and full of gratitude. “If dancing is your passion, it will keep rewarding you throughout your entire life,” he says. “I cannot imagine my life without dancing in it.”

Also, see how Tony coaches a couple and some behind the scenes of the cover shoot in a fun video >>>>HERE .