PureDWTS Darcey Bussell And Len Goodman Give Some Christmas Party Dance Tips

Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell and Dancing With The Stars Len Goodman (who also judges on Strictly Come Dancing) gave Radio Times some Christmas party dance tips. Below are Len’s tips which are some good ones (I especially like the last tip. So TRUE!). Be sure to read Darcey’s tips and some pictures at the link as well. Merry Christmas! Who’s ready?

6. Do have a drink “If you’re nervous, have a couple to fortify yourself! It can sometimes work against you, but as long as you enjoy yourself it doesn’t matter.”

7. Do keep yourself to yourself “Step to the side and tap and then step to the other side and tap — that works to any song and always looks good.”

8. Do hide behind others “Never be the first on the dance floor… ever! Wait until there are a few people out there who know what they’re doing and then get in the middle. Don’t hover on the edges looking awkward, you’ll just attract more attention.”

9. Don’t raise your arms “Never bring your hands above your head — keep them below shoulder height at all times. You’re dancing, not drowning.”

10. Don’t be a pest “If the dance floor is crowded, don’t flail about playing the air guitar or sliding around on your knees. Nobody likes a show-off.”