PureDWTS Season 28 Cast Rumors & Watchout: Reality Steve Weighs in on the Hannah/Tyler DWTS Rumors

So we didn’t end up finding out the first two celebs for this season on GMA yesterday (wuh wuhhh), and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen in the foreseeable future – so we probably aren’t getting official confirmation anytime soon on the Hannah/Tyler DWTS rumors.  However, Reality Steve did weigh in on the situation on his weekly recap post…and he had some interesting things to say:

Which now brings us to DWTS stuff. Over the weekend, GMA was announcing on their Twitter account that the first two dancers of the season were going to be announced yesterday on their show. Due the tragic events of this past weekend, they’ve postponed that indefinitely. Speculation immediately began that those first two contestants to be named were gonna be Hannah and Tyler. Not what I heard. From everything I’ve been told, this whole “Tyler on DWTS” was never a thing. He’s not gonna be on it, nor was he ever supposed to be, so this isn’t Gigi related with the latest stories. That’s just people speculating, and I’m here to tell you, at no point had I ever heard Tyler was doing DWTS. Now Hannah on the other hand, I’d be shocked if she isn’t on this season’s cast. I fully expect her to be named at some point. DWTS used to do the whole cast at once on GMA and there’d always be a few names that leaked out early. But now because they couldn’t control those leaks, they announced them 1 or 2 at a time on social media or GMA. I don’t know when Hannah will be part of the announcement, but I expect it. She’s hot right now and it makes sense, so expect her to be part of cast announcements in the future.

Ok, first a bit of clarification: I have no reason to believe DWTS is going to do a rolling cast announcement, a la Strictly or what they did in season 21. I honestly think this “let’s announce two contestants super early” business is just a ploy to try and get people hype for the new season, after the long hiatus and such poor ratings last season. I fully expect a full-size cast announcement sometime in early September on GMA.

As for the rest of it – Steve’s track record with Bachelor DWTS spoilers is good, so I tend to believe him if he says Tyler was never actually an option for this season. And I tend to believe him when he says that Hannah IS a part of this season – she did suddenly move to L.A., after all.  And I tend to think producer Adam following Tyler on Friday evening on Instagram was simply a red herring – or who knows, maybe Adam’s just a fan. As for the mention of Gigi and the “latest stories”, I’m guessing Steve’s referring to this blind item that someone tweeted me, speculating that it could be about Tyler.

I guess I’m not terribly disappointed – really the only reason I wanted him on the show was as a palate cleanser from Grocery Joe, since Tyler can actually dance and isn’t allergic to the full spectrum of human emotion, a la Joe. And apparently the president of ABC is really excited about this season’s cast, so I’m thinking (hoping) there will be other celebs that will make up for it. Then again, if Chris Harrison’s pimping does any good, maybe Tyler will end up on the show after all 😉