DWTS Facebook Picture Contest

I’ve been thinking about a DWTS picture contest for a while. There are so many amazing DWTS pictures. So, let’s see your favorites so we can all be taken back to some of the best DWTS moments. All you have to do to enter the contest is to:

That’s all. Whoever gets the most comments and likes of their picture will win a special spotlight on them or their favorite star on Pure DWTS. That’s right. You can write an ode your favorite DWTS pro or star and we’ll post it for all the DWTS fans to see. Or you can write an essay on why DWTS should bring on your favorite star and we’ll post that. Or you could write a soliloquy on why you are the biggest DWTS fan ever. Maybe you just want us to post your name and call you the winner. That’s fine too. It’s up to you. Although, we’ll of course not allow anything crude, vulgar, rude or the like and it needs to be DWTS related.

Writers on Pure DWTS are welcome to upload photos, but sorry Heidi you can’t win the posting of more Derek pictures alongside a poem about his sexy hair. That goes for the rest of the writers as well.

Ok, post your pictures to the Pure DWTS Facebook group and leave a link to your picture in the comments so we can see the best DWTS pictures.