Sharna Burgess Talks Of Mood Behind The Scenes Before DWTS16 Cast Announcement And More

As most of you know, the cast announcement for Dancing With The Stars Season 16 is quickly approaching. Tuesday, February 26th, we will finally find out who is dancing on Good Morning America. Stay tuned as we plan to LIVE blog and tweet the event. In the meantime, Dancing With The Stars Sharna Burgess was generous enough to answer a few questions from us before the ‘calm hits the storm’ so to speak. She talks of what the mood is currently like for all the pros and how she’s preparing. She talks of the dancers goals and what she’s looking forward to. Sharna also answers a question on speculation for whether or not they know if a troupe member will be promoted. She answers some other fun questions too that you won’t want to miss reading. Enjoy and we thank Sharna so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. Stay tuned as she is going to answer more questions AFTER the cast announcement as well. THANK YOU SHARNA and keeping fingers crossed!!xx

What’s the mood like surrounding you and all the pro dancers right now? I imagine it must be an anxious time and one full of anxiety?

I think everyone is anxiously waiting to hear what’s going to happen this season. Normally there are a bunch of rumors going around by now about celebs but there has really been nothing. They have totally kept the lid tight on it this time!! I’m excited to hear who will be with us for season 16, it’s always wonderful getting to know them and to be a part of their journey in the competition. I’m excited to see how this season tops All Star. We had amazing talent and went all-in on the production value of each number, extra sets, the troupe had additional dancers a lot and so much attention to lighting and detail. I loved that about season 15 so I’m hoping that 16 is the same. 

How are you preparing for the cast announcement and are you ready for the show to start?

Totally ready! Even though Read more..