Death Bed DWTS Fan

I got this email from a fan of DWTS that I thought everyone who reads this site would enjoy.

Last night at 8:55 pm at home I started having a allergic reaction, tongue started to swell, no known reason, within 15 I could hardly swallow. I drove myself to a Quick care center near my house, They pumped 4 injections into me, didn’t help,swelling continued. They wanted to call Rescue and I kept saying no I will miss the last night of DWTS. The Dr. said if it swells any more it will cut off my airway and I was in a dangerous, lift threatening situation. Rescue came took me to hospital and they rushed around with more injections, I kept telling them I have to be home by nine to see DWTS. Well, lo and behold there on the wall was a TV. The nurse brought a remote in and found my station and I only missed 2 minutes of it. It was the best show ever. Finally I was able to go home around 11:30 pm and today I am fine. So, from your shows best fan, I almost risk my life for it. Thanks Doris

You have to love the passion. I asked Doris if I could post this. She agreed and then said, “I am a 72 year old female and always loved to dance, but unable to now so I get my thrill from DWTS.”

Unfortunately, for some reason TV advertisers don’t like that demographic, but no doubt DWTS has some major fans like Doris. I’m just glad to hear that Doris is doing well.

What’s your craziest DWTS fan confession?