“Dancing with the Stars: Keep Dancing” On-Line Game Launches Worldwide

Have you guys seen or played the free-online game for Dancing With The Stars yet? I was just taking a look at it and it’s pretty cool. Virtually, you can dance with figures that look just like your favorite pros. For instance, you can do a tango with Derek or samba with Kym like the celebrities themselves on the show. You pick what you look like, your costumes, and your dance moves. Note how Dancing With The Stars pros Kym Johnson and Tristan MacManus choreographed and captured each of the 100+ dance moves seen in the game. You can check it all out at Dancing With The Stars Keep Dancing when you get a moment. You can read and view a press release with more details at PR Newswire. What a beautiful game. I may have to just try this! I want to dance with both Maks and Derek! 🙂

Picture above courtesy of BBC Worldwide and ABC Entertainment.