Pure Dancing With The Stars Questionnaire Holiday Edition 2011

Do you need a little break to get your mind off the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and to escape with our favorite show? If so, we’ve got just the remedy for you since this special Pure Dancing With The Stars holiday edition may include some holiday dreaming of your own. Silver Bells anyone?

Ok, let’s get started. Answer to the best of your ability or for whatever you think of first….

1. What is your top two favorite dances to watch on Dancing With The Stars?

2. The best choreographer for the pro dances is ____________________________. (you can name one to three if you like)

3. The best choreographer for a celebrity is _______________________. (you can name one to three if you like)

4. Rate the sexiest of these three Male pros in order: Tristan, Maks, Derek

5. Rate the sexiest of these three Female Pros in order: Peta, Cheryl, Kym

6. Design a Christmas Dance: What is your favorite Christmas song? Which two pros would you like to see dance to it and what kind of dance?

Special Note: If you don’t see your fave pros taking part in #3 and #4 above, don’t worry. We have plans to feature them as well in future questionnaires.

*Special Thanks for John/@pureDWTS at twitter and Pure Derek Hough for the inspiration behind some of these questions.

Here are my answers:

1. My two fave dances: The Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble
2. Best Choreographer of Pro Dances is….. Maks!! I’ve enjoyed Derek’s work in the pro dances too. Val is a budding star in this area as well imo.
3. Best Choreographer of a celebrity… Derek no doubt about it! I have a lot of respect for Karina and Kym as well.
4. Sexiest Male pros from these three in order are;
Maks (sometimes Maks is placed first depending on my mood and his hair. 😯 )
5. Sexiest Female Pros from these three in order are:
6. My favorite Christmas song is “Ava Maria” and I’d want to see Peta and Val dancing a Slow Waltz to it.

Happy Holidays Everyone!! May it be a magical one! xxx