DWTS 14 – Make Your Team Name Suggestions!

Ok, so reminiscing about past team names and trying to come up with ones for this season’s couples in another thread just seemed to clarify for me “We need a separate post for this.” 🙂

It’s pretty self-explanatory – we wanna hear your suggestions for this season’s team names.  Keep in mind that the team names USUALLY are a sort of portmanteau of the celeb & the pro’s names (“Evanna” for Evan & Anna, “Florky” for Florence & Corky, “Kanenball” for Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas), although they can also consist of nicknames (“Sugar & Spice” for Sugar Ray & Anna) or make no sense whatsoever (“Team Schmurgles” for Kyle & Lacey…still trying to figure that one out!).  And let’s avoid anything too vulgar – if you can’t say it on tv, there’s really not much of a point in saying it here 🙂

Heidi mentioned something about tweeting a link to this post to all of the teams to help them brainstorm their names – so make ’em good, guys, ’cause you never know if Maks, Kym, Tristan, etc. might be reading this! 😉 Keep in mind that this is the name that goes on the t-shirts that the couples tend to wear in rehearsal, around the studio, etc…so if they like your name, you’ll be seeing it everywhere.

ETA #1: We’ve compiled a list of names you guys have suggested for each couple thus far…keep ’em coming, though! 😀

Just to refresh your memory, here’s a list of the couples again, along with some hints that may help you in creating your names:

Jack Wagner (best known for his role as Frisco Jones on General Hospital) & Anna Trebunskaya:

Team Friskaya

Team General Ginger

Team TrebunSco

Team Wagskaya

Team Jumping Jack

Gavin DeGraw (musician) & Karina Smirnoff:

Team KarDegraw

Team Gavina

Team DeGrawsome

Team DeSmirnoff

Team GKRhythm

Team GaRina

Team KaVin

Team Smirnoffin

Martina Navratilova (tennis player) & Tony Dovolani:

Team LovaLani

Team MarTony

Team Novratilani

Team Dovalova

Team NovDov

Team Tonnis

Team Narvaloni

Team Dovatina

Roshon Fegan (plays Ty Blue on the Disney Channel series Shake it Up) & Chelsie Hightower:

Team BlueTower

Team ShonTower

Team RoShel

Team Dancing Rosh

Team Roshie

Donald Driver (plays for the Green Bay Packers, writes childrens’ books about a character named Quickie) & Peta Murgatroyd:

Team PetaPackers

Team PetaPack

Team BayTroyd

Team Drivertroyd

Team DonaTroyd

Team Donapetia

Team Donaltroyd

Jaleel White (played Steve Urkel on Family Matters) & Kym Johnson:

Team UrKym

Team Leel-Kym

Team Kurkel

Team Did I Do That?

Team Kymeel

Melissa Gilbert (played Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie) & Maksim Chmerkovskiy:

Team Gilskiy

Team Ingallskiy

Team Half-Pintskiy

Team MGM

Team MaksPint

Team Prairie on a Stick

Team MeMak

Team MelMak

Team Maksy & Melly

Team Melliskiy

Maria Menouos (tv presenter for Access Hollywood & Extra) & Derek Hough:

Team MenHough

Team Marek

Team MariDer

Team Houghounos

William Levy (model, considered the “Mexican Brad Pitt”) & Cheryl Burke:

Team WilliBu

Team Levyl

Team WillChe

Team CheWill

Team WilBur

Team WillBurk

Sherri Shepherd (cohost from The View) & Val Chmerkovskiy:

Team EnWyCee

Team Sherkovskiy

Team Sherval

Team Valsherri

Team Shmear

Team Valeopard

Gladys Knight (singer, considered “The Empress of Soul”) & Tristan MacManus:

Team Lucky Pips

Team Gladys Knight & the Irish Pip

Team Knight Tristan

Team Lucky Knights

Team MacKnight

Team G&T

Team MacKnightus

Team Trips

Team Gladyator

Team GladMan

Team MidKnight Tryst

Katherine Jenkins (Welsh operatic soprano) & Mark Ballas:

Team Markins

Team Katnass

Team KatMar

Team KatBalls

Team Ballkins

I’ll go ahead and share two of my favorites 🙂 The first I actually have to credit @Lannatexasgal for coming up with, and it’s for Melissa & Maks – Team MelMak.  Reminds me of ALF 😀 The 2nd I came up with this afternoon and it’s really super dumb…but you know how Gladys Knight performed with the Pips? Well for she & Tristan’s team name…how bout Gladys Knight & The Irish Pip? I know, point & laugh…it’s dumb. 😛

Now ready…set…NAME AWAY!!! 😎