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Nuttin’ But Stringz On Dancing with the Stars Season 10

I must admit that I was distracted (screaming baby or something) last night during the part of DWTS where Tom Bergeron announced the special guest performances that were happening tonight. However, I couldn’t help but hear him announce that tonight Nuttin’ But Stringz would be performing on DWTS. I know this group really well since Nuttin’ But Stringz was on America’s Got Talent. I loved them then and I can’t wait to see their performance tonight on DWTS.

Just to give you a flavor for this violin duet (not the normal violin duet) check out their initial audition on America’s Got Talent:

You can also find the rest of the Nuttin’ But Stringz America’s Got Talent performances on my AGT website.

Nuttin’ But Stringz also has a music video called Thunder. You can see the video below or download the song on Nuttin' But Stringz - Struggle from the Subway to the Charts - Thunder

I also heard that Nick Lazzarini and Jaimie Goodwin from So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 will be on DWTS tonight in a piece that Travis Wall choreographed. Actually, just checked their twitter accounts and this is definitely happening. I wonder if it’s with Nuttin’ But Stringz or separate. Talk about the merging of the 3 TV shows I blog

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Celtic Woman to Perform “You Raise Me Up” on Dancing with the Stars

I can’t say how excited I am to see Celtic Woman on the Dancing with the Stars results show. I’ve read they’re going to perform “You Raise Me Up” Celtic Woman - Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up which is by far my favorite song I’ve heard them sing. Their performance is completely angelic. Check out the video of Celtic Woman to see what we have to look forward to on tomorrow’s Dancing with the Stars.

Celtic Woman singing “You Raise me Up” Celtic Woman - Celtic Woman - You Raise Me Up(Download the MP3 of Celtic Woman on AmazonBuy Celtic Woman CD on Amazon

April 20, 2009 I Written By

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