DWTS 2011 Kym Johnson Talks Of David Arquette, Agrees With Judges Critiques, and More!

Kym has a second blog up at Ok Magazine. She wrote about how proud she is of David and how he performed last night. She agreed with the judges with their critiques and how David should relax more. She also talks of Courtney Cox and Coco and how much it helped to have them at the show. Be sure to visit the link as you can see some backstage pics of them as well as what she writes about her fellow cast members.

I’m feeling really good now that last night is over, I’m so proud of David, he did great! I think he’s doing this and wanting to have fun, and it definitely means a lot of him. He’s taking this very seriously and he wants to do really well.

I think what the judges said was completely accurate, that he does have to relax a bit more. I think he puts so much pressure on himself. I know that from teaching him, he definitely puts a lot of pressure on himself so he just has to relax! I think the judges were really nice to us and really kind. I think they want to see him do really well.

Courtney Cox came over after we danced, and Coco seemed to be so proud of him and so excited! She even gave us some advice before we went out. I think it really helped him having his family in the audience.

Here the two are on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show as well. Jimmy has picked them as the couple to beat for Season 13.