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Update on Derek Hough’s Knee Injury

I posted about Derek’s most recent tweets on Pure Derek Hough.  Sounds like he injured it doing the Salsa, but that he’s at work filming commercials today.  Nothing so far about him sitting out tomorrow – he sounds okay.

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Derek Hough Injured His Knee Really Really Bad

UPDATE: Derek tweeted more details on his injury. I guess it’s pretty swollen and happened during salsa practice.

A tweet was just sent out by Derek Hough saying that he injured his knee. The exact message says “Hurt my knee really really bad today… Can barely walk hopefully it will heal in time for Monday”

Looks like the injuries are still continuing on Dancing with the Stars. I guess maybe we just need to realize that it’s a part of dancing and has little to do with Dancing with the Stars itself. Plus, Derek has admitted that he’s a clutz before. You may remember when Derek Hough fell during practice with Brooke Burke. That time they took him by ambulance to the hospital.

I’m guessing that Derek will be ready to dance on Monday. The real question is how much practice time will be missed because of his knee.

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