Derek Hough on Dancing With The Stars: “I’ve definitely been speaking with the producers…”

So, the promotion for Derek Hough’s new movie, “Cobu3D”, is in full swing. ET has a great new interview up with he and BoA, his costar. As of right now, shooting for the film has wrapped up in Canada. Derek talks of how different ‘film making’ is from doing Dancing With The Stars or a tv series. He also talks of the possibility of coming back to Dancing With The Stars next Season. Here is what he had to say about it:

“We’ll see what happens,” Derek disclosed. “I’ve definitely been speaking with the producers. I might be going on there and trying some new things.”

I hope he’s going to be back as the show hasn’t been the same without him. Once again, note how three dancers (First Cheryl, then Lacey, and now Derek) have mentioned doing “new things” for the show. You have to truly wonder what’s up with Season 13?

For more on this interview with Derek (with a video included), be sure to see Pure Derek Hough >>>>HERE ! Heidi has all the recent news, photos, and gossip on Derek. In fact, there is a “must see” video with Derek and BoA fooling around on the set too that you can’t miss. Derek is a true natural at acting as he is dancing. BoA is just lovely as well and their connection is just “sweet” to say the least.

(Heidi’s Note: I think when he says “new things”, he’s thinking of pro dances – I hope. I would kill to see one of their numbers from Cobu on a results show. Either way, it’s sounds like all the dancing training he did really pumped the old creative juices.)